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NYC Rhinoplasty or Nose Job

Renown Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Maurice Khosh is a NYC rhinoplasty specialist. Rhinoplasty (or nose job surgery) is a cosmetic procedure aimed at modifying the appearance of the nose. Through various individualized steps during a rhinoplasty, specific aesthetic concerns can be addressed. Some patients desire removal of a hump while others look for narrowing of the bridge, refining the tip, shortening the nose or rotating the tip.

Nose reshaping. What would you like to improve about your nose?

Other patients may want a higher bridge, narrower nostrils or a tip that does not descend when they smile. In all cases, the results should be natural and harmonious with the overall appearance of each patient, and breathing ability should be maintained or enhanced.

Factors that affect the outcome of rhinoplasty or nose job surgery include the quality and position of the nose cartilage, the size and shape of the nasal bones, quality and thickness of the nasal skin, pre-operative nasal symmetry, the technical ability of the NYC rhinoplasty surgeon and post-operative wound healing.

During your consultation with Dr. Khosh to discuss rhinoplasty in Brooklyn or the Upper East Side, he will listen to your concerns about the appearance of your nose. He will perform a careful examination of your nose, both internally and externally, and assess your breathing function and sinus-nasal health.

NYC Rhinoplasty expert, Dr. Khosh offers computer imaging to demonstrate the potential rhinoplasty outcome. Discussion and meaningful communication in regard to your desired cosmetic outcome is crucial.

African American Rhinoplasty
African American rhinoplasty may involve reducing or even enhancing certain features associated with ethnicity. The nose is a prominent facial feature, which means that bridge height, nostril width and shape affect the frame of the face. Dr. Khosh has helped countless African American patients achieve a more aesthetically pleasing nose through rhinoplasty in New York.
With African American nose job surgery, maintaining a natural looking appearance plays an important part in achieving the desired results for the patient. Few NYC Rhinoplasty facial plastic surgeons possess the skills needed to ensure excellence in overall aesthetics and symmetry.
Nasal function is another important consideration when seeking African American nose job. If you have difficulty breathing due to the shape of your nose, NYC rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Khosh has the skill and qualifications as a rhinoplasty specialist to help you breathe free from obstruction. All treatments are based on expert consultation to assess the needs of the patient.
Regardless of your reasons for wanting or needing African American rhinoplasty, consultation with a specialist who understands differences in ethnic structural nasal components is important. Dr. Khosh is one of the most accomplished NYC rhinoplasty facial plastic surgeons you will find, providing excellence in consultation and treatment for patients facing the most challenging needs.
Asian Rhinoplasty
As with any rhinoplasty treatment, how the nose complements the rest of the face is an important consideration when it comes to making alterations. The Asian nose is traditionally regarded as a delicate focal feature. Many patients of Asian ethnicity seek to alter the nose so that certain structural aspects become more pronounced. The challenge for a plastic surgeon is to provide the desired result without negatively impacting how the nose is framed by the rest of the face.
To achieve the results that you want, it is important to consult with a plastic surgeon who understands the ethnic and cultural implications of altering the shape and size of the nose. New York facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Khosh specializes in rhinoplasty for ethnic patients from all over the world and has intimate knowledge of facial symmetry.
Many less experienced rhinoplasty providers will sacrifice nasal function in order to deliver the desired aesthetic results. However, Dr. Khosh does not believe that you should have to choose one over the other. As a part of your consultation, all concerns that may arise from Asian rhinoplasty are fully explored and addressed to the satisfaction of the patient.
Rhinophyma Treatment
The skin and appearance of the nose are impacted by the condition known as rhinophyma. More commonly known as a bulbous nose, rhinophyma can cause the nose to become enlarged and bumpy. The condition becomes worse with time, as pores become larger and the skin begins to thicken. Men are more likely to suffer from rhinophyma, and the condition often begins to show noticeable symptoms between the ages of 30 to 50.
Topical treatments and medications are usually only effective during the developing stages of the condition. Once disfigurement takes place, patients may need to explore cosmetic alternatives to reduce the impact of rhinophyma. Treatment involves removing the damaged tissue and using cosmetic techniques to reshape the nose.
Due to the potential severity of rhinophyma, it is important to consult with a rhinoplasty specialist who understands the condition. Dr. Khosh will take great care to carefully remove tissue so as to avoid unnecessary nerve damage. In many cases, rhinophyma impacts the functionality of the nasal passage. Before providing treatment from his New York offices, Dr. Khosh will take you through a full consultation where he will discuss the potential results of treatment and address any concerns about the procedure.
Rhinoplasty – Ethnic
Rhinoplasty is a specialist area of cosmetic surgery. There are a number of considerations which impact the results of a nose job, not least among them the ethnicity of the patient. The two main concerns when pursuing rhinoplasty are the aesthetic framing and functionality of the nose. Some NYC rhinoplasty facial plastic surgeons have neither the skill nor experience to ensure that optimum results are achieved in balancing both features.
Ethnicity plays a major role in how the nose looks and functions. Dr. Khosh specializes in ethnic nose job procedures that are designed to enhance the appearance of the nose without sacrificing nasal functions. Each patient will also receive a comprehensive consultation to discuss desired results of treatment. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and make any necessary plans in preparation for treatment and recovery.
Dr. Khosh provides cosmetic nose surgery options that can reduce or enhance prominent features that are associated with the patient’s ethnicity. The goal is to provide the patient with a nose shape, width or height that blends perfectly with the other features of the face for better aesthetics. If you are looking for an ethnic rhinoplasty specialist in Manhattan, Dr. Khosh has a range of treatment options to suit every need.
NYC Teen Rhinoplasty
Perceptions surrounding appearance can shape a person’s self-confidence for life. Many of these perceptions are formed through early childhood and into the teenage years. Dr. Khosh specializes in treating teenagers who are self-conscious about the size or shape of their nose. There are treatment options available for teens, which are carried out only after counseling and consultation with a NYC rhinoplasty specialist such as Dr. Khosh.
If you have any concerns about your teen going through nose job surgery or procedures, it is important to discuss them with a doctor who understands the challenges and implications involved. New York based, Dr. Khosh is a dual board certified cosmetic surgeon who will consider a number of factors before recommending cosmetic nose surgery for young teens.
One of the most crucial considerations is the development of the nose and how rhinoplasty would impact function. If the nose is inhibited from growing, it can have a negative effect on breathing. Dr. Khosh will provide a full assessment in order to determine the functional and psychological impact of treatment on teens. If you believe that your teen is a viable candidate for rhinoplasty, reach out to the offices of Dr. Khosh in Manhattan today to learn more about the procedure.
NYC Rhinoplasty Revision Surgery
Sometimes a cosmetic surgeon simply does not have the experience or skill to deliver desired rhinoplasty results. In these cases, NYC rhinoplasty specialist, Dr. Khosh can offer rhinoplasty revisions to correct issues with symmetry, aesthetics or nasal function. When you have already been through one or more nose job surgeries or treatments, it is important to consult with a doctor who has experience in revising potentially harmful errors.
Dr. Khosh has provided countless rhinoplasty revisions to patients in Manhattan. The process involves an in-depth consultation and needs assessment to ensure you get the right results. It is crucial that the functions and structures of the nose are protected when additional surgeries are performed. You will be given the chance to discuss any concerns you may have, allowing you to make informed choices about the direction of revisions before treatment begins.
The goal of a rhinoplasty revision is not only to correct previous errors but to provide the patient with a nose that blends with other facial features in a way that is pleasing. Dr. Khosh offers excellence in treatment to patients of all ethnicities and can also cater to teens, in many cases. If you have had a botched rhinoplasty, reach out to the offices of Dr. Khosh to discuss NYC rhinoplasty revision surgery options today.
Saddle Nose Repair/Collapsed Nose Repair
When there is a loss of cartilage in the nose, it will impact the structure, which may result in the integrity of the nose becoming compromised to the point of collapse. This condition is rare, but, for those who suffer from saddle nose, the aesthetic and functional impacts are often considerable. Due to the severity of the condition, rhinoplasty carried out by a specialist cosmetic surgeon is usually the most effective corrective option.
Dr. Khosh is one of the most compassionate and understanding NYC rhinoplasty specialists. From his Manhattan offices, he provides extensive counseling and private consultation to patients who need reparative surgery for conditions such as a collapsed nose. This type of treatment requires a delicate approach to ensure optimum outcomes. If your self-confidence or nasal function is being negatively impacted by saddle nose, a consultation with Dr. Khosh will allow you to explore all your treatment options.
There are various techniques which are used in the repair of a saddle nose deformity, each of which is suited to different patient needs. Dr. Khosh is an NYC rhinoplasty expert with the experience and deep knowledge of the most effective treatment options to restore functionality and create a more aesthetically pleasing focal point in the nose.

NYC Rhinoplasty Specialist

Dr. Khosh is a uniquely qualified NYC rhinoplasty specialist based on his training, experience and double board certification in facial plastic surgery and otolaryngology. He has been selected as “America’s Top Rhinoplasty Surgeon” by his peers and patients, an honor bestowed to a few surgeons nationally.
He has intimate knowledge of the functional anatomy of the nose, which enables him to provide cosmetic improvement of the nose without sacrificing breathing function. He is an expert in both the endo-nasal, or closed approach, and external, or open approach, for rhinoplasty.

In appropriately selected patients, Dr. Khosh performs non-surgical rhinoplasty as a simple office procedure without the need for anesthesia. Dr. Khosh meticulously tailors your rhinoplasty to your specific needs with the ultimate goal of achieving a beautiful and natural appearing nose.

Contact our office today to schedule your consultation or if you have any questions regarding a rhinoplasty or nose job procedure in New York.

Rhinoplasty New York, NY

Case Study

This 40 year old lady requested rhinoplasty in Manhattan to address a nasal hump, and refine the nasal tip. An open rhinoplasty approach was used to remove the nasal hump and and to modify the tip.

  • Patient: 40 year old lady who was interested in rhinoplasty in New York
  • Problem: Nasal hump, wide and poorly defined nasal tip
  • Procedure: Rhinoplasty through an open approach

Disclaimer: These are actual results for patients of Dr. Maurice Khosh. Plastic and cosmetic surgery results can vary between patients.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rhinoplasty

Any female older than 16 and any male older than 17, who is in a relatively good state of health and has reasonable expectations from cosmetic nasal surgery. Those with moderate skin thickness (not too thick and not too thin) and strong nasal cartilages can expect better results.

Patients with complicated medical problems such as poorly controlled asthma, high blood pressure, or diabetes, and those who have unrealistic expectations from cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Khosh is a well-known expert in rhinoplasty in Manhattan and the New York Tri-State area. He is double board certified in facial plastic surgery and otolaryngology and can address the breathing function as well as the aesthetic appearance of the nose. Dr. Khosh handles challenging nasal reconstructive procedures that are referred by other specialists. He performs revision rhinoplasty and rhinoplasty following facial trauma or a cancer ablation, utilizing techniques such as bone grafts, ear cartilage grafts or rib cartilage grafts.

There are two main approaches for performing rhinoplasty, closed and open. In the closed approach, all incisions are inside the nose. In the open approach, nearly all incisions are internal except a well-hidden incision in the bottom of the midline part of the nose. Dr. Khosh is proficient in both methods.

Dr. Khosh chooses the surgical technique based on a patient’s features and desired effect. In revision rhinoplasty, typically, an open approach is employed since it offers better visualization of the nasal cartilages and bones. In primary rhinoplasty, the open approach is only undertaken when significant nasal tip work is desired or when notable asymmetry is present.

Dr. Khosh utilizes general anesthesia, as this technique allows for complete control of a patient’s breathing, and it translates into the safest method of providing anesthesia. Additionally, general anesthesia avoids the risk of a patient coughing or moving during surgery.

Surprisingly, there is little discomfort with rhinoplasty. Some surgeons use packing inside the nose, which is uncomfortable and painful. Dr. Khosh does not use packing. Most patients do not need any pain medication past the third day.

Recovery after rhinoplasty is generally quick. It is quite rare to develop extensive bruising that you may have seen on an extreme makeover show. Most bruising is resolved after five days. External tape and casts, as well as any internal stents, are removed after six days. Patients may return to work within ten days. However, the final results may take up to six months to appear.

The shape, size, and position of the nasal tip is created by a pair of boomerang shaped cartilage in the lower nose known as the lower lateral or alar cartilage. Alterations in the shape and size of this cartilage create a corresponding change in the appearance of the nasal tip. Trimming of the alar cartilage, placing stitches to bend the cartilage and using supportive cartilage grafts allow precise alterations in the appearance of the tip of the nasal tip.

The nasal bridge, or the dorsum, of the nose, is composed of paired nasal bones and their matching, attached cartilage (upper lateral cartilage). Removing a nose hump requires exposure of the upper lateral cartilage and the nasal bones through an incision inside the nose and shaving of the bones and cartilage.

When narrowing of the nasal bridge is necessary, a small chisel is used to cut the nasal bones so they can be pushed toward one another. A nasal hump can be removed at the same time as described above.

Bruising after any type of surgery is due to leaking blood under the skin. In rhinoplasty, bruising is most commonly associated with shaving or chiseling of the nasal bones. In most nose job surgeries, bruising is resolved within ten days. This duration is affected by the extent and duration of the operation.

A plastic cast is used after rhinoplasty. Initially, a tape is applied to the nasal skin and the plastic cast is then attached to the tape. This type of cast may get wet. I inform my patients that they may shower and get the cast wet. However, I recommend against swimming.

Makeup can be worn as early as two days after rhinoplasty. Obviously, no makeup can be applied to any visible incisions around the nose. However, makeup and concealer can be applied around the eyes and cheeks.

Teen Rhinoplasty Patient Testimonial

Related Procedures

Rhinoplasty is commonly performed with septoplasty (correction of a deviated septum) and turbinate (internal nasal membrane) reduction to enhance breathing. In some revision rhinoplasties, and in rare primary rhinoplasty procedures, repair of the nasal valve may also be warranted to ensure good breathing.

In order to achieve balance in the face, chin augmentation may be recommended during a rhinoplasty consultation. Sinus surgery can be safely combined with rhinoplasty in individuals with chronic sinus issues.

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What Dr. Khosh's Patients Say


Based on 174 reviews

Meredith G.
Saw Dr. Khosh for a fractured nose. He reset my nose beautifully (and with little discomfort to me) and then discussed some of my sinus issues with me upon my follow up visit. Never felt like he was rushing me out and felt very confident in his abilities. I would highly recommend to anyone needing plastic or reconstructive options!
Jackie C.
Great front office, really good experience after what was a terrible accident. I was made to feel comfortable. Dr. Khosh is very good at what he does. I'm still healing but I'm confident of the results
Kaitlin M.
Dr. Khosh takes exceptional care of his patients. He has operated on me twice, each time making me feel extremely comfortable and satisfied with the results. His staff is also very kind and knowledgeable.
Diana G.
Dr. Khosh & his staff Susan & Christine are absolutely amazing! They were so supportive & helpful from beginning to end & they are just wonderful people. Thank you guys I truly appreciate everything you guys have done for me. I would recommend them to anyone & everyone!
Joann M.
After visiting and being evaluated by several doctors, I kept going back to Dr. Khosh. His tranquil spirit and professionalism were captivating. Thank you for a job well done and keeping me calm throughout the entire process. A special thanks to your staff Susan and Christine for all of their support as well. Hi highly recommend Dr. Khosh.
Leah G.
Upon hearing of the overwhelmingly positive experience a friend of mine had in choosing Dr. Khosh as her surgeon, I decided to make an appointment for my own septoplasty/rhinoplasty/turbinate reduction. Although I was slightly skeptical as the praise I had heard seemed a bit hyperbolic, all uncertainty dissipated after meeting the Doctor and his staff. My pre- and post-operative experience was excellent in terms of concerns adequately addressed prior to the surgery and mitigation of any bruising in the convalescent period. Despite my apparent predisposition to rather slower healing, a year after the surgery, my nose looks really pretty and my breathing entirely unobstructed! I highly recommend Dr. Khosh!
Courtney G.
AMAZING!!!!!! I had Dr Khosh perform lipo on my chin/neck and my result is unbelievable! Better than I could have expected! I met with a couple of surgeons and the second I met with Dr Khosh I knew he was the one I was going with. He was compassionate and explained every detail of what would take place during the surgery and what to expect during recovery. I even emailed a few times during recovery with various questions and he got right back to me asap which was really comforting! I honestly fully recommend Dr Khosh, he did an amazing job and is an amazing person.
Frieda S.
i can finally breathe!! Dr. Khosh made the entire experience a breeze, it was truly a pleasure to be under his care. I am forever thankful and highly recommend him. Not only does his work speak for himself, but he has excellent bedside manner. His kindness and patience is above and beyond. He takes the time to answer to every question you have to help you understand the process while at the same time making you feel so comfortable. From the first consultation i knew i was in good hands. I am so pleased with the result and forever thankful.
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