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Female patient before and after Nasal hump reduction and tip elevation

Revision Rhinoplasty May Resolve More Than You Expect

If you’ve had a rhinoplasty surgery that didn’t give you your desired results, it’s time to meet Dr. Maurice Khosh, renowned rhinoplasty surgeon. Dr. Khosh is a leader in revision rhinoplasty and displays extraordinary skill and experience in the technique. Rhinoplasty is a complicated procedure due to the intricate structure of the nose. If performed …
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Eyelid Procedure

Open Your Eyes to the Beauty of NYC

They say the eyes are a window into the soul. When that window is obscured with drooping upper eyelids or lower eyelids that are puffy, obstructing the eyes and their beauty, blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, can reduce the puffiness and tighten up the droopy upper lid for an open, youthful eye area. Dr. Khosh is …
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Facial Procedures New York NY

How Much Impact Do the Cheeks and Chin Have on Facial Aesthetics?

When we are younger, the cheeks and chin are not features that typically garner negative attention. However, as aging causes facial anatomy to change, you may lose balance and harmony. If you look in the mirror and see a face that has become unrecognizable, plastic surgery can offer rejuvenation solutions. Facial appearance is largely molded …
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Botox Injection New York NY

Why Do I Always Look Tired?

Lack of sleep, dehydration, overexertion and poor diet are some of the most common reasons for always looking tired. If none of these causes apply to you, the problem could be associated with facial anatomy and skin condition. Everything about the facial features dictates your appearance to some extent. The smallest flaw may seem highly …
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Restore and Rejuvenate Your Natural Facial Features in New York

As we age, facial features will develop blemishes such as lines and wrinkles. The face is the focus of attention in most social situations, so these blemishes are always in full view. If you are losing confidence in your looks, non-surgical or surgical solutions are available from a NYC Facial Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Maurice Khosh, …
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Woman with beauty long brown

Eliminate Facial Hollowness and Aging Effects with Fat Transfer

When you look at your face, do you immediately see the changes that are due to aging? For many people, the distribution of volume can impact on facial appearance. A younger face is symmetrical and balanced in several ways. Fat atrophy and volume loss are common causes of facial aging that change that balance. Localized …
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Scar Treatment New York, NY

Keloid Scars are Treatable in New York

People with darker skin pigmentation are predisposed toward suffering from keloid scars after an injury or surgery. These scars are more pronounced, which can impact an individual’s confidence. If you have keloid scars, Dr. Maurice Khosh can help. There are various methods he can use to reduce the impact of keloid scars. Steroid injections, coverage …
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Man looking at computer cosmetic procedures New York NY

Plastic Surgery Specialist for Males in New York

If you are not happy with the way you look, there are other ways to make changes besides dieting and exercise. Plastic surgery for males is available from Dr. Maurice Khosh at his Manhattan offices. There are several treatment approaches that can transform your aesthetic. A consultation with Dr. Khosh is the first step toward …
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Woman Looking at Face New York NY

The Plastic Surgery Questions You Should Ask in New York

When considering plastic surgery, the majority of candidates think of aesthetic concerns. However, there is a lot more to the field than appearances. Even if you are solely interested in rejuvenating treatments, these secondary concerns will affect your everyday life. Plastic surgery involves making changes to the symmetry and balance of features. These alterations are …
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