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Eliminate Facial Hollowness and Aging Effects with Fat Transfer

When you look at your face, do you immediately see the changes that are due to aging? For many people, the distribution of volume can impact on facial appearance. A younger face is symmetrical and balanced in several ways. Fat atrophy and volume loss are common causes of facial aging that change that balance. Localized …
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Scar Treatment New York, NY

Keloid Scars are Treatable in New York

People with darker skin pigmentation are predisposed toward suffering from keloid scars after an injury or surgery. These scars are more pronounced, which can impact an individual’s confidence. If you have keloid scars, Dr. Maurice Khosh can help. There are various methods he can use to reduce the impact of keloid scars. Steroid injections, coverage …
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Man looking at computer cosmetic procedures New York NY

Plastic Surgery Specialist for Males in New York

If you are not happy with the way you look, there are other ways to make changes besides dieting and exercise. Plastic surgery for males is available from Dr. Maurice Khosh at his Manhattan offices. There are several treatment approaches that can transform your aesthetic. A consultation with Dr. Khosh is the first step toward …
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The Plastic Surgery Questions You Should Ask in New York

When considering plastic surgery, the majority of candidates think of aesthetic concerns. However, there is a lot more to the field than appearances. Even if you are solely interested in rejuvenating treatments, these secondary concerns will affect your everyday life. Plastic surgery involves making changes to the symmetry and balance of features. These alterations are …
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Individualized Nose Reshaping in Brooklyn, New York

If you are interested in nose reshaping, you’re probably wondering what that really means. There is more to rhinoplasty surgery than aesthetics. For many patients, other considerations are important and should be addressed as part of the overall treatment outcome. When choosing a plastic surgeon in Brooklyn, NY to perform nose reshaping, a consultation will …
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Chin Treatments New York, NY

How Creative is Your New York Cosmetic Surgeon?

When you are new to cosmetic surgery, procedures and treatments, consulting with the right surgeon is paramount. You want to know that the doctor has the skills, experience, education and creativity to deliver excellent results. More people would likely opt for cosmetic surgery if they had all the necessary education to make informed decisions. If …
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Facial Fillers New York NY

Cosmetic Improvements Do Not Always Involve Surgery

With all the advancements in cosmetic enhancements, it should be clear that surgery is not the only option. There are different skin types, aging rates and other considerations that factor into choosing the right treatment. For many patients in New York, non-invasive procedures are actually a better path to facial rejuvenation. While it is true …
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Man looking at computer cosmetic procedures New York NY

How Botox Can Help You Stop Excessive Sweating

Sweating is a normal function of your body to help you regulate your temperature after a hard workout or when you are outside on warm days. If you consistently experience noticeable sweating when you are at rest or stressed, you may have hyperhidrosis. This excessive sweating condition can be embarrassing and physically uncomfortable. Botox® injections …
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Facial Procedures New York NY

3 Best Facial Plastic Surgery Treatments to Start the New Year

The beginning of a new year is a fantastic time to look for ways to help you look and feel your best. If you have been thinking about improving the way you look, there are several facial plastic surgery treatment options that can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Here are the three best facial …
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