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How Cauliflower Ear Can Cause Hearing Loss if Left Untreated

Cauliflower ear is a traumatic ear deformity that causes pain, bruising, swelling and a pale, withered appearance. It results when a hematoma forms in the ear after a blunt trauma incident, thereby cutting off the blood supply and killing the cartilage. Those affected are left with a shriveled ear from the deteriorating cartilage. Cauliflower Ear …
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Restore a Full Mane with a Female Hair Transplant

Thinning hair can be devastating for women. Androgenetic alopecia (AGA), or female pattern baldness, is the most common cause of thinning hair in women. The thinning hair usually occurs in the front and top of the scalp and it is more common in women ages 20-40. One of the most effective options in hair restoration …
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Top Reasons Patients Seek Rhinoplasty

For decades, rhinoplasty has remained one of the most requested plastic surgery procedures for both men and women. Since the nose is so influential on the appearance of the face, it can make a dramatic difference when it is reshaped. Oddly shaped or damaged noses may distract from the rest of the facial features. There …
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Facing the Future Following Facial Cancer Surgery

Although skin cancer can occur anywhere on the body, it is very likely to develop on the face. As your facial skin is most often exposed to the sun, it receives more contact with harmful UV light. Early warning signs are sometimes missed as they resemble other conditions, such as styes, acne and age spots. …
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Do You Have a Deviated Septum?

Your nostrils are separated by the septum, made up of cartilage. Each nasal passage should be roughly the same size, allowing for easy air flow when breathing. If one side is significantly disproportionate to the other, this can result in breathing problems. A deviated septum is usually hereditary. In fact, most people will have differently …
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Hang up the Gloves and Experience Facial Rejuvenation

Fighters often retire reluctantly, which results in bearing the scars of a long career. However, there comes a time when every warrior has to hang up those gloves. With no further threat of facial injuries, some athletes may opt for rejuvenating treatments. Scar tissue splits easily due to blunt force trauma. For fighters, this means …
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Facial Bone Fractures are a Functional and Aesthetic Concern

Fracturing a bone in the face is very painful at the time. For many victims of an accident or attack, pain continues long after the initial trauma. Chronic symptoms are those that last for longer than three months. Broken or cracked bone can also impact the appearance of the face and function of facial features. …
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New York NY Neck lift

A Neck Lift Can Rid You of Your Turkey Neck and Double Chin

Sagging neck skin, unglamorously known as a “turkey neck,” is an inevitable side effect of the natural aging process. Neck skin is thin and delicate, so it sags and wrinkles easily when it loses elasticity. Skin loses elasticity because collagen and elastin fibers break down as you age. Other TurkSkin Tighey Neck Causes The neck’s …
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New York NY Lip Enhancement Treatments

Restylane Silk Smooths Wrinkles and Plumps Lips Simultaneously

Lip enhancement is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. Many people see full and balanced lips as a critical feature of an attractive face. As a result, they are displeased if their lips are not plump enough and seek a solution in lip enhancement. Are you among the many that desire natural-looking, fuller lips? …
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