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Facial Treatments New York, NY

Are You Looking for a More Defined Facial Aesthetic in New York?

When makeup, losing weight and all the other beauty regimens in the world fail to produce the look you want, the problem may stem from facial anatomy. As one of the most prominent features, the cheeks play a large part in creating definition. When the face is round in appearance rather than oval or heart …
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Benefits of a Virtual Consultation

Are you concerned about booking plastic surgery during COVID-19? Virtual consultations with a cosmetic specialist have always provided extra convenience for patients. Now, more than ever, gaining insight into the best facial treatments from the comfort of your own home will bring peace-of-mind. An experienced plastic surgeon can provide recommendations based on still pictures and …
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Facial Mommy Makeover

When discussing a mommy makeover, plastic surgeons are typically referring to procedures for the body and legs. However, motherhood can also affect facial features in several ways. Looking after children can be tiring, and mothers don’t always get the sleep that they need to feel well rested after a busy day. Another issue that can …
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Facial Fillers New York NY

Do the Lines on Your Face Add Too Many Years?

When you look into the mirror, does your face still reflect who you are? We can all remember the days when our fresh young faces just lit up the room with their glowing complexions. But once we start moving past a certain age, that light can turn into lines that pull the mouth into a …
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New York NY Hair Replacement Surgeon

Fall Sports Bring Broken Noses

It was an exceptionally long spring and summer for everyone. Being restricted, locked down and pulled out of our regular routines was not easy. But now, fall is here, and little by little, things are feeling a bit more normal. Many schools are having at least some in-person classes and allowing sports teams to compete …
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Is Your Beauty Regimen No Longer Rolling Back the Years?

There comes a time in every woman’s life when the effects of aging become harder to hide with home beauty treatments or makeup. While getting older is natural, it doesn’t mean it won’t get you down. When you still act and feel young, the onward march of time is that much harder to accept. Facial …
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Coordinated Facial Fracture Repair

Facial fracture repair is a complex area of surgery. Depending on the areas damaged and affected features, you may need to consult with multiple specialists. When a patient is on pain medications and dealing with other impacts of the injury, organizing coordinated treatment options is an uphill struggle. Less complex facial fractures usually require treatment …
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Is Otoplasty Right for You?

There has been an American standard of beauty that is difficult for most to achieve. In recent years, that standard has slowly been changing. Everyday more people are taking stock of themselves and learning to work with what they have; yet, cosmetic enhancements of all sorts, including ear reshaping, continue to be a staple of …
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Scar Treatment New York, NY

Five Facts About Keloid Scarring

Every time the skin is injured, the body forms scar tissue to protect and repair the wound. This is fibrous tissue, and for some individuals, it can grow more than usual. This extra scar tissue forms smooth hard growths called keloids which cover the wound and sometimes extend beyond it. Keloids do not affect your …
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