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SMAS Lip Grafting

For those undergoing a SMAS facelift, SMAS lip grafting is an additional lip procedure that can be performed to increase the fullness of the lips. Like other areas of the face, lips can lose their youthful fullness with age, becoming thinner, with more wrinkles. SMAS lip grafting can add fat and tissue to plump the lips and enhance the overall effect of a more youthful face after the facelift.

SMAS stands for superficial musculoaponeurotic system, the layer of fat and tissue under the skin. When a SMAS facelift is performed, some of this tissue can be removed and used to enhance or augment the fullness of the lips. Small incisions are made in the lips to insert the fat and tissue under the lip skin, adding volume to the lips.

SMAS Facelift and Lip Enhancement

Dr. Khosh is an expert in facial cosmetic surgery, including SMAS facelifts and lip grafting techniques. If you are considering a SMAS facelift, Dr. Khosh will discuss the option of also performing a lip graft with the tissue removed during the facelift. Both procedures are often done together, to give a patient younger looking lips to match their rejuvenated facial structure.

If you have been considering the benefits of undergoing a facelift, consider combining the gold standard SMAS facelift with the effective SMAS lip grafting for a natural, younger looking face. Dr. Khosh is a dual board certified facial plastic surgeon that has the experience to give you the result you desire. Contact us today to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Khosh at our Manhattan office.

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