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Facial Cyst Removal and Treatment

Blemishes on the face, including lumps and bumps, can impact self-confidence. Large lumps on the face can be caused by cysts that are usually harmless and painless, but may still impact the appearance. Cysts come in different varieties including sebaceous and epidermoid, but most can be easily removed for aesthetic purposes. As part of our face and neck procedures, Dr. Maurice Khosh offers facial cyst treatment and removal for his patients in NYC, with minimal scarring for an improved appearance.

Cysts are pockets of fluid that form under the skin. These lumps are usually harmless and non-cancerous, but when they occur on the face, they can be embarrassing to some people. Usually, cysts are not painful, but larger growths can be uncomfortable or just distracting. Once a cyst has been examined and diagnosed as a benign growth, it can simply be removed. However, most patients want to ensure that a visible scar will not be left behind after cyst removal surgery, which is why an experienced plastic surgeon is the best option for treatments.

Dr. Khosh is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon specializing in both aesthetic and reconstructive facial plastic surgery. His intimate knowledge of facial features and the skin through his vast experience in the field make him one of the top facial plastic surgeons in Manhattan and the country. For surgeries like facial cyst removal, his expertise can ensure that the cyst is completely and permanently removed with as little disruption to the skin as possible.

Sebaceous Cyst Removal

Sebaceous cysts are one of the common types that can grow on the face. Named for the sebaceous glands that emit oil to the skin, these cysts tend to occur where the ducts of the gland release oil for skin health. Sebaceous cysts are rarely harmful and usually benign, but they can change the appearance of the face. Complete removal is the best way to ensure the cyst does not return, usually through excision. Once removed, the skin can heal and if the surgery is done by a talented facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Khosh, the scar can be hidden and will quickly fade during the healing process.

Epidermoid Cyst Removal

Small hard bumps or lumps on the face can be an epidermoid or keratin cyst. These cysts are benign and do not tend to be painful, but they can be annoying when they are on the face. The bumps are hard and usually yellow or tan in color. While epidermoid cysts can disappear on their own, there is no set amount of time before they will shrink or go away. Draining the cyst will remove the bump, but it can reoccur. Surgical removal is the best option to ensure an epidermoid cyst is gone for good and is best performed by a qualified facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Khosh to minimize scarring.

What Causes Cysts?

Cysts may seem to appear for no reason, but are usually the result of some type of skin damage. Acne, damage to a sebaceous gland duct, skin infections and other skin issues can preclude the growth of a cyst. The good news is that most cysts are not dangerous, only cosmetically frustrating. With a removal procedure, the lump can be gone; with careful incision techniques by Dr. Khosh, the procedure does not need to leave a noticeable scar.

If you have an epidermoid or sebaceous cyst on your face and want to explore options for removal, contact the office of Dr. Maurice Khosh in Manhattan. Dr. Khosh can discuss the best solutions for removing your cyst to ensure permanent expulsion without leaving a visible scar in its place. Contact our office today to schedule your exam and consultation with one of NYC’s best facial plastic surgeons.

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