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Cheek Lift Surgery

The midface or cheek region is often one of the most pivotal changes to your face as you age. It is common to begin losing facial fat tissue as you get older and for the soft tissue in the cheek to begin moving lower. While the noticeable effects of this are usually baggy lower eyelids or a fold of skin between the nose and cheek, both can be corrected with cheek lift surgery, facelift surgery or other type of face and neck cosmetic surgery.

Unlike cheek implants, a cheek lift does not add tissue to your face. Instead, one of several procedures are performed to move the soft tissue that has sagged in your cheek region back to its original location. The procedure used depends on the individual level of fat loss or tissue movement and the results the patient wishes to achieve. The surgery can be only a few sutures strategically placed under local anesthesia or may involve a more complex surgery.

Non-Surgical Cheek Lift

For those that are in the early stage of cheek loss or movement that do not want to pursue a surgical cheek lift, there are non-surgical cheek lift options. The most commonly used is facial fillers such as Radiesse that can add fullness to the cheek region, creating a more youthful appearance. This can smooth lines between the nose and cheek, plus helps fill in slight hallows or bags under the eyes. The benefit of these types of procedures is the limited downtime or recovery needed after the procedure is performed right in Dr. Khosh’s office.

If you have noticed hollowing under your eyes, flatter cheeks or a pronounced flap between your nose and cheek, a cheek lift may be the right procedure to correct these issues. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment with Manhattan’s premier facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Khosh.

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