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Cheek Implant Surgery

As you age, it is normal for fat loss and gravity to effect the appearance of your face. One of the most noticeable combinations of these two effects is in the cheek region. The rounded cheek of youth begins to diminish, while gravity pulls down tissue and skin. This can create a flat cheek, hollowing under the eyes and even a “double-bubble” effect of the protruding orbital bone and lowered cheek tissue. The cheek enhancement solution is the cheek implant.

Cheek implants can replace the lost fat in the cheek area below the eye, dramatically reversing the hands of time on your face. Once the cheek is full again, it can reduce bags and sagging under the eyes, giving back that softer, youthful appearance. This procedure is often combined with rhinoplasty or a nose job on older adults to balance the features of the face.

Candidates for Cheek Implants

Most people opting for cheek implant surgery have lost soft tissue or fat in their facial region or have sagging skin that would benefit from the fullness of an implant. This is usually due to aging, but in some cases, a patient for cheek implants may want to enhance what they perceive as a lack of structure in their cheek region. As with any surgery, candidates should be in good health before considering adding cheek implants.

Changing the shape of your face with cheek implants requires the expertise of an experienced facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Khosh has many years of experience in facial cosmetic surgery and is dual board certified. To schedule an appointment for a consultation, contact us online today or call to talk to one of his friendly staff members at our Manhattan office.

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