Dr. Maurice Khosh – Dual Board Certified

Patient-centered focus, unsurpassed surgical skills, vast clinical experience, and elegant artistry are qualities that set Dr. Maurice Khosh apart as an aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon. Dual board certified, Dr. Khosh specializes in two complementary areas – cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face along with treatment of ear, nose and throat conditions. This unique combination of specialties allows Dr. Khosh to perform facial surgeries that deal with both the functional issues of the nose and ears along with facial aesthetics. Dr. Khosh is one of the few surgeons who can perform Sinus Surgery and Rhinoplasty (a nose job) in one procedure. Dr. Khosh is known as a highly skilled facelift surgeon and also know for exceptional blepharoplasty surgery outcomes.

Rediscover Your Natural Beauty

Enhance your beauty. Erase the years. Restore your confidence. Live beautifully with more youthful, natural-looking results. That is what facial plastic surgery by Dr. Khosh can accomplish for you. Ear, eyes, nose, chin, forehead, neck and cheeks; these are all components of your face. Dr. Khosh is highly skilled in facial artistry that combines the best of both invasive and noninvasive procedures.

Special Areas of Practice

Trust your face to one of the most skilled plastic surgeons available. You can expect exceptional results and unmatched personal care with Dr. Khosh. Each patient is evaluated as an individual to determine the best combination of treatments to achieve the results desired. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation or to discuss your needs and expectations.