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Latera Implant

While traditional means of addressing nasal valve collapse involved a full surgical approach, the Latera Implant is a non-permanent implant designed to support the upper and lower cartilage of the nose. When placed inside the nasal wall, it is absorbed over an 18-month period, reducing nasal airway obstruction and helping patients breathe better.

Nasal valve collapse may occur as a result of trauma, inflammation after nose surgery, or enlarged tissues. Even so, there are instances where inherited characteristics, congenital conditions, or aging may lead to nasal valve collapse. Some symptoms accompanying the collapse of the nasal valve include nasal obstruction, congestion, stuffiness, bloody nose, or crusting around the nostrils. Traditional means of addressing nasal valve collapse involved a full surgical approach. Yet, Latera is a promising, non-invasive option for reducing these symptoms and strengthening the nasal cavity.

Dr. Maurice Khosh proudly offers the Latera implant as a promising solution for improving patients breathing, as well as their quality of life. If you are experiencing sinus problems, contact our practice in Manhattan today to learn more about Latera.

Non-Permanent Implant For Nasal Valve Obstruction

Causing considerable discomfort, difficulty breathing, and problems sleeping, nasal obstruction reduces an individual’s quality of life. Thus, as a non-permanent implant for nasal valve obstruction, Latera is a promising solution. Latera is inserted inside the nasal wall, where it supports the upper and lower lateral cartilage of the nose. Over the course of 18 months, the implant material is absorbed, while breathing improves and the strength of the nasal cavity increases.

Latera is placed within a few minutes using only a local anesthetic. Without external incisions, scarring, or the need for donor cartilage, nasal valve obstruction can now be corrected using a non-permanent implant in minimally invasive procedure.

If you are suffering from sinus problems or if previous treatments have proved unsuccessful, Dr. Khosh invites you to contact our office today to learn more about Latera. As a leading expert in facial reconstruction and plastic surgery needed for medical conditions and sinus repair, Dr. Khosh believes that Latera is a promising option to help many patients breathe easier.

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