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Nasal Fracture Repair

New York NY Nasal fracture repair

A large portion of people in America have experienced a broken or fractured nose as the result from an injury or an accident. While some immediately have their nose “fixed” because the trauma was extremely drastic, others have either been told by a doctor or have assumed themselves that the damage was not that bad; thus, they did not have any repair done to their nose. The body is an incredible machine that has the ability to heal itself in many instances. However, sometimes the body does not heal in the exact way that people wish it would. The nose is a primary example. Many people injure their nose and allow it to heal on its own, but years later they are left unhappy with its appearance or frustrated with its inability to function properly.

Nasal fracture repair is a surgical procedure that can fix damage to the nose. While some people find themselves scoffing at the idea of having a “nose job,” having a needed nasal fracture repair is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. Not only is the nose a prominent feature of the face, but it is also an important factor to your breathing. Trauma to the nose early in life can cause serious sinus issues as you get older. A fractured nose that was not reset can cause scar tissue to develop that will hinder air flow. A fractured nose that did not receive necessary repair can cause an enlarged bump to grow on the nose, making the nose appear larger and disproportionate to the face.

While it is ideal to have a nasal fracture repaired within a short time frame of the incident, nasal fracture repair surgery can successfully be performed years later by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. Dr. Maurice Khosh is a dual board certified plastic surgeon who is highly experienced in performing nasal fracture repair surgery. Dr. Khosh is not only compassionate to the needs and desires of his patients – understanding why they want to correct certain issues – but he also applies his gift of artistry to all procedures. Dr. Khosh has the unique ability to create a truly pleasing, natural appearance to the nose so that it complements the other facial features.

If you would like more information regarding nasal fracture repair, please contact the practice of Dr. Maurice Khosh to schedule a consultation. 

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