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Nasal Fracture Repair Surgery

New York NY Broken Nose Repair Surgeon

A broken nose is a common occurrence among millions of Americans. From sports injury, car accident, or even playing around with your kids, the nose is an area on the body that is frequently fractured. Many people do not seek medical treatment for their nasal fracture, allowing it to heal on its own. While our bodies were created to heal naturally, sometimes they do not heal in the exact way that we wish they would. The nose is an area that concerns many people because while it has healed, it may still be crooked or misshapen. If it is not medically treated after injury and allowed to heal on its own, it can also cause the loss of function that may not be an area of concern until later in life.

Dr. Maurice M. Khosh, MD, PC, is a dual board certified plastic surgeon who is highly experienced in performing nasal fracture repair surgery. While some people have a stigma against nasal surgery, feeling that a “nose job” is too superficial for them, repairing the nose after a nasal fracture is nothing to be embarrassed about. The nose is a very prominent feature of the face, one that is quickly noticed when meeting anyone. If you are self-conscious about the appearance of your nose after injury, taking the time and effort to repair it is not a vanity issue; it is a self worth issue.

If you received trauma to your nose recently or years ago, nasal fracture repair surgery can help you regain your confidence and repair any loss of function that was sustained. While it is typically ideal to correct an injury shortly after it has occurred, it is still possible to successfully treat a nasal deviation using rhinoplasty techniques. Dr. Khosh is a compassionate facial plastic surgeon that will listen to your concerns and perform a careful examination to determine the best solution to achieve your desired cosmetic and nasal function outcome.

Please contact the practice of Dr. Khosh to schedule a consultation. Dr. Maurice M. Khosh is a uniquely qualified rhinoplasty specialist who is here to help you achieve a beautiful, natural looking nose with full functionality.

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