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Facial Fillers New York NY

Tips to Keep Your Fresh Look Throughout the Holidays

The holiday season can be the most demanding time of year with events to prepare for and attend, shopping to do, parties to go to and friends and relatives visiting. With all the activities afoot, it is not difficult to understand how easy it is to neglect self-care. When you do not take time for …
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Ear Procedures New York NY

Enhance Your Appearance with Ear Surgery

The ears contribute materially to our overall appearance, forming a balanced frame for our facial features. And yet, sometimes misshapen ears can detract from our appearance, drawing attention away from other aspects of our face. In addition, when ears suffer damage, their irregular shape can also be a cause of embarrassment. Maurice Khosh, MD, FACS, …
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Facial Procedures New York NY

Surgical Treatment for Facial Paralysis

A number of medical conditions can cause the serious side effect of facial paralysis. Cancer treatments, stroke, accident trauma or even problems with an ear surgery can have an effect on the nerves and muscles that control facial movements. In addition, the paralysis can impact the operation of the eye, mouth or throat, complicating vital …
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Is Ear Surgery Right for You?

If you are feeling self-conscious about your ears, for whatever reason, then ear surgery may be the answer for you. Ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, is a surgical procedure used to move the ears closer to the head, reshape the ears, or reduce the ears in size. Ear surgery is a permanent procedure that …
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Understanding Keloid Scars

A scar forms when the skin is injured by forming scar tissue over the wound to repair and protect the injury. At times, extra scar tissue grows to form smooth, hard growths called keloids. A keloid or keloid scar is an enlarged, raised scar that forms around damaged skin that grows beyond the actual wound. …
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Hair Transplants New York, NY

Hair Transplant For Women

Hair loss for men is the more noted problem in the media but women are just as likely to experience thinning hair or loss. Many women notice hair thinning and loss in their 50s and 60s but hair loss can happen at any age. People normally lose about 100 hairs a day and new hair …
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Botox Injection New York NY

Botox- Help for Migraines

A migraine can cause a pulsing sensation or severe throbbing pain, usually located on one side of the head. Migraines can last for hours to days if left untreated. Living and suffering from migraines can be debilitating and interfere with your daily activities. If you have a history of migraines or have headaches on 15 …
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Chin Treatments New York, NY

Kybella: The Destroyer of Double-Chins

Feeling self-conscious about your double-chin? Tried diet and exercise and still see your double-chin? A double-chin or submental fat affects both men and women and could be the result of aging, diet, and genetics. A double-chin is caused by an extra layer of fat that develops under the chin. In 2015, the FDA approved a …
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Mole Inspection New York, NY

Moles: Wanted or Unwanted

Moles are a type of skin growth. They are usually brown or black and can form in groups or alone. By adulthood, it is common to have 10-40 moles. Some moles can fade over time and some will change in color and shape and become bothersome or a cause of embarrassment. Mole removal is a …
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