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Cheek Implant Surgery

Cheek Enhancement: Balance And Beauty

With unique features and characteristics, the human face takes on an oval, round, oblong, square or even a pear, heart or diamond shape. Though each person is born with pre-determined proportions and facial structures, however, some feel as though the mid-region of their face is flat, thin or understated. On the contrary, one might feel …
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Sinus Issues New York NY

Breathe Easy With Advanced Sinus Surgery

Millions of Americans experience the pain and discomfort of acute and chronic sinus infections, as tiny passageways connected to the nose and mouth become inflamed and blocked. Intense pressure in the nose, head and face is often reported, as pressure is placed on the nerves of the face. Other complaints include difficulty breathing and excess …
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February – The Month Of Rediscovery Of What Was

Valentine’s Day seems to have two purposes. The first purpose is the spark of new love. A time when people feel a little bolder to approach the person they hope will become their new Valentine. The second purpose is to rediscover what once was. It’s a great time to fan into a flame a love …
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Woman Beign Examined for a Facelift NYC

Is Your New Year’s Diet Making You Need A Facelift?

Did you make a new year’s resolution to lose weight when 2019 rolled around? If you did, you’re among a large group of people in the United States. In 2018, “lose weight or get in shape” was the second most popular resolution among Americans. It came right after saving money and right before having more …
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Close Up of Woman's Lips

Reasons You May Be Considering Lip Reduction

Lip reduction is the resizing through reduction of your lips using surgery. This type of procedure is, in most cases, a fairly simple and expedient surgery. The recovery is fairly easy, with moderate pain for a few days. Healing can be quick as well if you follow the post-operative instructions carefully. If you’re considering lip …
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Woman Smiling Before a Facelift

Helping You Smile In 2019 With A Facelift

Happy New Year from our team at Maurice M. Khosh, MD, FACS Cosmetic and Reconstructive Facial Plastic Surgery. We are proud to be entering 2019 as we serve patients, like you, with our personal care and outstanding results. Dr. Khosh would like to remind you of the importance of your smile in 2019. Did you …
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The Season Of Gift-Giving and Gift-Receiving

Do you have lists this season, and you’re checking them twice, just like Santa? It seems like everything is about “gifting” right now, and we’d like to encourage you to not forget yourself in the midst of all of this. Have you considered giving yourself a gift that will last? Trends, fads and items that …
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Woman Feeling the Sides of Her Face New York NY

Cold Weather Benefits For Your Skin

Winter has a bad reputation. Words like “bitter” and “miserable” are often associated with it. In addition, winter is also known as being really bad for your skin. While it does cause some damaging effects on your skin’s elasticity and health due to the dry air of heating units indoors, it can have some positive …
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Man Sneezing After Rhinoplasty New York, NY

Blowing Your Nose After Your Rhinoplasty

Let’s all admit it, this is the season of sniffles. Colds, flus and sickness all can lead to a runny nose and congestion. This can be an annoyance and make you feel really awful during this season when we’re supposed to be recalling all that we’re thankful for during Thanksgiving. If you recently had a …
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