Asian Eyelid Surgery or Double Eyelid Surgery

It is estimated that about 50% of people with Asian descent are born with a single eyelid, or no eyelid crease. While this is completely natural, there are many who would prefer to have a double eyelid or crease to enhance the shape of their eyes. The Asian eyelid surgery or double eyelid surgery can give those with the single eyelid or a smaller crease a more distinguished crease in the upper lid.

If you were born with a single lid or a small double lid, this type of eyes & brows surgery can increase the proportion of eyelid that is exposed under a surgically-added crease. Another reason that some patients choose to have this procedure is due to uneven eyelids that lack symmetry. It is certainly a personal choice and preference, giving a person the eyelid shape they perceive as more attractive. Many women undergo this procedure to enhance their ability to use eyeshadow and eyeliner to draw attention to their eyes.

Eyelid Crease Enhancement

Dr. Khosh is a dual board certified facial cosmetic surgeon that is experienced in performing the Asian or Double eyelid surgery at his practice. This delicate procedure enhances a new crease in the upper eyelid that many people, especially of Asian descent, are lacking. The goal is to create a natural looking crease that adds dimension to the eyelid, often giving recipients of the surgery a wider, more open looking eye.

To learn more about the double eyelid procedure or any of the many other facial cosmetic procedures available through Dr. Khosh's practice, contact our office today to schedule a consultation.