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Eliminate Marionette Lines

Your face changes as your age; there is nothing that can stop time from leaving traces of your years on your face. However, when lines appear that make you look like a puppet, you do have options to eliminate these pronounced aging symptoms. Marionette lines, the deeper lines that appear at the corners of the mouth down to your chin, can be soften or removed completely with the help of an experienced facial plastic surgeon. In Manhattan, Dr. Maurice Khosh is the plastic surgeon many New Yorkers trust to give them a younger appearance.

Marionette lines occur for a variety of reasons. As you age, you lose fat under the skin, while the skin become less elastic. This combination, along with lifestyle choices, can create the facial lines on either side of your mouth. You do have several options for treatment to eliminate marionette lines. You can choose a non-invasive approach like laser therapy or dermal fillers, which tend to have temporary, but effective, results. Another option is plastic surgery, usually a form of facelift to eliminate these lines from your face.

Frowning Lips Lift

Marionette lines can make it look like you have a permanent frown. These, combined with the nasolabial folds that run from your nose to your mouth, can change the appearance of your lower face. Dermal fillers can be a great treatment option when these first appear. While temporary, injectable fillers plump the skin and soften these lines without any downtime. A quick visit to Dr. Khosh’s office for injectable treatment can make a big difference in softening these frown lines around your lips.

For deeper lines or for those that want a permanent lip lift, a facelift may be the right solution. There are many different types of facelifts that Dr. Khosh offers. Depending on what other issues you would like to improve, he may suggest a mini facelift that specifically address the midface region, giving you a lift around your mouth and nose. Frowning lips will be gone, along with your marionette lines.

If marionette lines are bringing both you and your lips down, contact the office of Dr. Khosh to schedule a consultation. Get back a happier, more youthful mouth with our effective marionette line treatments.

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