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Male Neck Lift Surgery

New York NY Plastic Surgeon for Men

Plastic surgery is not limited to women only. Men care about their appearance, and they are often looking for options to help them look younger and more attractive. One of the most popular cosmetic procedures for men is neck lift surgery. This surgery is one that tightens the skin of the neck to decrease the look of sagging skin. Women often choose to have this procedure done in conjunction with a face lift, and men are often surprised to learn that these options are also available to them. In the last decade, there has been an increased demand from men requesting plastic surgeries.

Hanging skin around the neck can cause men to look older than they truly are, making them feel uncomfortable in their own skin. Often described as a “turkey neck,” sagging skin of the neck can make collared shirts uncomfortable and wearing ties a nuisance. Excess skin around the neck can also cause the appearance that a man looks heavier in the face despite not gaining any weight at all.

A defined jaw line is an important facial feature that not only adds to the masculinity of a man’s face, but it also prevents signs of premature aging. A neck lift is a beneficial cosmetic procedure that can restore a man’s appearance and covey youth and energy. There are different contributing factors to the loss of tightness in the skin around the neck, including heredity, stress, environmental conditions, and gravity. Just as some men are more prone to hair loss, some men are also more prone to sagging, excess skin of the neck.

Men have thicker skin, tissues, and muscle in their face and neck region than women, as well as having facial hair. Therefore, a more advanced method of neck lift surgery is needed for men than women. Finding a plastic surgeon who has the qualifications, expertise, and experience in both cosmetic and plastic surgery is essential when contemplating male neck lift surgery. Dr. Maurice Khosh is a dual board certified facial surgeon in both cosmetic and plastic surgery. His vast experience in facial reconstructive surgery provides the confidence you need in trusting him for optimal results. To learn more about male neck lift surgery, other cosmetic procedures for men, and to schedule a consultation, contact our practice today.

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