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Keloid Scar Reconstructive Surgery

New York NY Doctor for Keloid Scar Surgery

Scarring occurs when the skin heals from a wound. It is a natural occurrence that means that the skin is doing its job to recover from injury. However, how a wound heals affects how a scar will appear after the injury. If you have been left with an excessive, hard, and noticeable scar, known as a keloid scar, on your face, ear, jawline, or neck, Dr. Maurice Khosh in Manhattan is the name that you can trust.

Keloid scar reconstructive surgery that is done on the facial regions requires the exceptional precision of a truly skilled cosmetic surgeon. Keloid scars can grow to become incredibly large, causing emotional harm of embarrassment and feeling self-conscious as well as causing functional damage to certain areas of the body. Keloid scar most often cause cosmetic concerns rather than a health issue. Keloids often grow larger than the original wound itself, leaving not only a visible reminder of an injury, but also a new cosmetic concern that must be dealt with.

The specific cause of keloid scarring is unknown, but researchers believe that genetics play a huge role in whether or not you will be predetermined for keloids. There is also a higher prevalence for keloid scarring among those who have darkly pigmented skin, such as African-Americans, those of Latino heritage, and those of Asian heritage.

Keloid scars can take up to a few weeks or a few months until they finish growing. A small cut on the jaw line can produce a keloid scar that is eight times larger (or more), and that becomes like a tumorous growth. Dr. Khosh has a specific skill set for the removal of keloid scars. While smaller keloids can typically be managed by steroid injections, larger keloids require surgical removal followed by steroid injections. Dr. Khosh is an expert in keloid scar reconstructive surgery. He works closely with dermatologists and radiation therapists to offer a comprehensive and appropriate treatment for each individual patient.

If you have a keloid scar that you desire to have treated or removed, please contact our practice for a private consultation. Dr. Khosh is dedicated to helping patients regain their confidence.

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