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Female Hair Transplant

New York NY Hair Replacement Doctor

Hair loss in men is an expected occurrence, with a low percentage of men making it out of their 30s with a full head of hair. Women, however, are expected to keep their locks throughout their lifetime – with a head full of gray hair as her “crown of glory.” When women experience hair loss, it can be an extremely emotionally devastating occurrence. Androgenetic Alopecia is the main type of pattern hair loss among females, with a distinct characteristic of hair thinning on the top and crown of the head. This hair loss can be caused due to medical conditions, poor nutrition, or physical and emotional stress, requiring advanced hair replacement techniques to help women regain a full head of hair.

Dr. Maurice M. Khosh, MD, FACS, in Manhattan has the skill and expertise to treat women using one of two hair transplant methods. Follicle Unit Transfer (FUI) and Follicle Unit Extraction (FUE) are the two advanced methods that are the best choices for women. Dr. Khosh works with women on an individual basis to determine the best choice based on their hair loss and treatment goals. Just a few years back, hair replacement involved unpleasant scarring and stitches. With advancements in female hair transplant treatments, women can avoid the experience of further embarrassment and feelings of self-consciousness. Both the FUI and FUE methods involve making incisions and harvesting hair form a specific donor area, but they avoid large areas that leave large, noticeable scars behind.

Another option for women experiencing hair loss is incorporating Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections to accelerate hair growth and to treat female pattern hair loss. These PRP injections contain growth factors and bioactive proteins to promote healing and tissue repair. Using the patient’s own blood, the solid and liquid components are separated using a centrifuge. The plasma from the blood can be sprayed onto the surgical site, following hair transplant surgery, or injected directly onto a balding scalp to stimulate hair follicle growth.

Dr. Maurice Khosh is a renowned surgeon who has received numerous awards for excellence and vast surgical experiences. Contact our practice today to schedule a private consultation to learn more about the best hair transplant options and treatments for you.

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