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Flaring or Wide Nostrils

Rhinoplasty to narrow the nostrils and refine the tip NY, New York
Wide nostrils imply excess width of the nostrils whereas flaring nostrils imply excess outward curvature of the nostrils. These two findings are often seen together although they can be present independently. Flaring nostrils or wide nostrils can give the nose a heavy and unrefined appearance. Nostril narrowing is often performed simultaneously with lowering and narrowing the nasal bridge, and refining the nasal tip.



Mildly Wide Nostrils – Facial filler injections at the base of the columella or the nasal tip can increase the projection or height of the nasal tip, narrowing the look of the nostrils.

Flared or Very Wide Nostrils – These issues should be addressed with a surgical solution.


Mildly Flared or Wide Nostrils with Under-projected Nasal Tip

When the flaring or width of the nostrils is mild and the nasal tip is under-projected, increasing the projection of the nasal tip can narrow the width of the nostrils and diminish the wide appearance at the base of the nose.

  • Various techniques such as a “columellar strut”, “septo-columellar sutures”, or “septum extension grafts” can lengthen the nasal tip.

Moderate to Severely Flared or Wide Nostrils

  • A wedge of skin is removed at the alar base, where the nostrils attach to the cheek. Proper execution can allow the incisions to heal with imperceptible scars.
  • The location, shape, and size of the wedge resection can be tailored to address the the flare and width of the nostrils individually.
  • Various techniques such as a “columellar strut”, “septo-columellar sutures”, or “septum extension grafts” can also be utilized to lengthen the nose when the tip is under-projected.

Other Concerns About Your Nose

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