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Facial Laceration Repair

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The face is the most recognizable feature of just about any person. When trauma or injury occur to the facial area, it is vital that patients consider their options for treatment. Most people immediately visit the emergency room where they will receive stitches, staples, or other techniques. In an emergency room setting where doctors are in an “emergency reactive mode,” reducing scaring is not usually taken into consideration. It is not that emergency room doctors do not care; it is that they are typically faced with time sensitive emergencies that require quick treatment so that they are able to move on to the next patient. The result of this is that many patients are left with an ugly scar on their face that can leave them self-conscious and embarrassed of their appearance.

Patients usually have another option. If the laceration is not life-threatening or it can temporarily be treated at home with a bandage, emergency facial laceration repair can be scheduled. Dr. Maurice Khosh in Manhattan is exceptionally skilled at performing emergency facial laceration repair. By contacting our practice as soon as you have assessed that your laceration is not life threatening, Dr. Khosh will do everything he can to treat you within 24 hours.

Having the forethought to contact a highly trained plastic surgeon when a facial laceration occurs can save you time, money, and recovery. It is much easier for Dr. Khosh to reduce the signs of scarring if he is able to repair the original laceration, versus trying to undo the damage and scar tissue caused by a quick repair in the emergency room. Of course, if the laceration is life threatening or you simply did not know that you had another option and you had your facial laceration repaired at the ER, all is not lost! Dr. Maurice Khosh is a renowned facial plastic surgeon who has the specific skill set and artistry to repair scaring and damage to the facial skin.

Facial lacerations are a common occurrence. If you or your child sustains a facial laceration, please contact our office immediately to schedule an emergency facial skin laceration repair. We understand that no emergency is planned ahead of time; therefore, Dr. Khosh and his entire team will do their best to accommodate your emergency situation into the schedule.

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