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Your Eyes And Your Allergies

New York NY Plastic Surgeon for Eyes

Spring is a beautiful time. The signs and colors of new life keep popping up daily to give us a warm hug and welcome. April is a wonderful time of year. The temperatures are perfect as well, not too hot, not too cold. But, with all of these wonderful aspects of spring, one aspect can be a real drag if you suffer from seasonal allergies.

Springtime allergies are common and can be an unwelcome guest that strikes your systems every spring. One physical feature that can really be affected during this time is your eyes. Have you been experiencing red, dry, puffy, runny or itchy eyes? It’s not fun, we know.

Spring ushers in pollen, mold and possibly dust mites that you may be allergic to. Your body will release histamine (a chemical that causes swelling and inflammation) as it reacts to these things. Your blood vessels in your eyes will react to this and they will swell, get red, teary and itchy. In this case antihistamine pills or liquids work because they block histamine to give you some relief.

If your eyes are a constant bother for you because of the way they look (not just during the spring allergy season) it may be time to consider eyelid surgery  (Blepharoplasty). This eye procedure will address your facial feature’s appearance. It will restore the vitality and youthful look of your eyes.

While Dr. Maurice Khosh, MD, FACS cannot help with spring’s effects on your eyes; he can offer you a life-long solution to the appearance of them. Contact Dr. Maurice M. Khosh, MD, FACS to schedule your plastic surgery appointment today!

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