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Thermage Treatments

New York NY Plastic Surgeon for Face

Have you heard about the benefits of Thermage? People who want to improve their looks but do not want the expense or experience of plastic surgery are great candidates for Thermage. It is non-invasive, works on all skin colors and types, causes no downtime, and only requires one treatment.

Using radiofrequency technology and a special device, Thermage improves skin by heating, tightening, and boosting collagen production. Results are immediate. Skin becomes smoother and firmer at the time of treatment. Signs of aging, such as wrinkling and loosening of skin, are diminished. Under the skin’s surface, Thermage works slowly and steadily over time and continues its work to enhance collagen production for weeks and months after the original session. A noticeable improvement in appearance can last up to a decade or longer.

Treatments are quick and are performed in Dr. Khosh’s clinic in New York City. Patients may feel a few momentary sensations of warmth as the heat pulses through the device and is transferred to the layers of skin under the surface, but a Thermage session is otherwise painless. The average Thermage appointment takes about an hour, but that can vary based on a person’s needs. Thermage patients may experience some spotty redness or mild swelling, but unlike other facial treatments, the outward signs of a Thermage treatment are very mild and are generally unnoticeable to others. Recipients of Thermage return to regular activities immediately.

Dual board certified, Dr. Maurice Khosh specializes in facial aesthetics. He and his skilled and experienced team are proud to offer this excellent anti-aging therapy. After a comprehensive evaluation, Dr. Khosh will develop a custom plan that considers your immediate needs and long-term goals. We work diligently to provide a comfortable, safe experience using innovative strategies, tools, and techniques. If you are ready to explore how cutting-edge Thermage treatments can help make the years disappear and improve your youthful looks, call us today to learn more.

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