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Sinus Surgery

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The sinuses are cavities in the skull that are lined with tissue that warms, humidifies, and purifies the air that we breathe. The sinuses are constantly moist, creating fluid that purifies the nose and prevents infections. When the sinuses are infected, mucous that is thick and in much greater quantity is produced; it can be green or yellow, draining from the nose and/or coughed up. A sinus infection is typically a very miserable infection that causes severe headaches, facial pain, a constant feeling of congestion, and even toothaches. The first course of action for those with a sinus infection is antibiotic treatment. Most people find the relief that they need through oral antibiotics, overcome the infection, and are fine. However, there are some people who suffer from repeated sinus infections and a failure of antibiotics requires them to take another course of action to achieve the relief that they desperately need.

Dr. Maurice Khosh in New York is an expert in performing sinus surgery. Using endoscopic cameras and micro-instruments, he can work inside the nose and sinus cavities to help patients overcome chronic sinus infections. Sinus surgery can restore the natural drainage of the sinuses so that repeated infections do not occur. During sinus surgery, it is often necessary to correct a deviated septum in order to gain access to the posterior part of the nose and relieve nasal blockage. Sinus surgery is considered to be an outpatient surgical operation, with recovery in about about a week’s time or up to ten days. Patients should expect some mild to moderate pain in the nose and sinuses for two or three days, but recovery is considered to be minor in comparison to many other surgeries.

If you are suffering from chronic sinus infections that are leaving you miserable, please know that you do not have to continue in your suffering. When medications are not effective at eliminating your infection and preventing it from recurring, please contact Dr. Maurice Khosh, MD, FACS in New York, New York. We will be happy to give you more information about sinus surgery and schedule a consultation.

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