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Reasons For A Revision Rhinoplasty

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According to the dictionary, “Revise” is a verb and it is to “reconsider and alter (something) in the light of further evidence.” When it comes to rhinoplasty, revisions also may occur. Dr. Maurice Khosh is an expert on rhinoplasty revision surgery. There are many reasons you may choose to have a rhinoplasty revision surgery. Let’s take a look at some of those reasons here:

  • Your original rhinoplasty expectations were not met. After your healing is complete, you may realize that what you expected your nose to look like and what it currently looks like do not match.
  • Your original rhinoplasty procedure was poorly executed or incorrect. While surgeries are meant to be exact, there still is room for error and risk.
  • Your original rhinoplasty did not heal properly.
  • Your original rhinoplasty was not performed to the same measure that you wanted it to. You may want further refinement to your nose to make it more suitable to your desired outcome.
  • You changed your mind and you continue to be dissatisfied with the look of your current nose.
  • You are experiencing issues or difficulties with your breathing or function of your nose since your original rhinoplasty. The structure your nose may have been changed to the extent that it now is causing you to experience difficulties related to your nose. Impaired breathing may be an issue or chronic snoring issues may arise if your rhinoplasty surgery created an obstruction of some sort. 

This type of surgery requires the expert and caring help of a doctor who is able to handle the more complex procedure of a rhinoplasty revision. If your primary rhinoplasty surgery fell short of your expectations, contact Maurice M. Khosh, MD FACS to achieve the nose you want and need.

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