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Neck Lift Surgery

New York NY Facial Plastic Surgeon

The aging process affects every area of the body at some point. As you age, gravity begins to take a heavier toll on your body than it did in your younger years. With the loss of collagen in the skin, the youthful “plumpness” that allowed the skin to look tight, gives way to sagging skin that falls away from the body’s frame. One of the most common areas for sagging skin to occur is at the chin and neck line. Muscle loss combines with collagen loss, and this loose skin can reduce the prominence of the chin and create what is commonly referred to as a “turkey neck.” Neck lift surgery can be used to reduce excess skin and give patients a smooth and defined appearance of the neck and chin.

Each neck lift surgery is a customized procedure that is designed and performed on an individualized basis. Different factors cause the sagging of the neck in different patients. For instance, significant weight loss in one patient will require a different surgical technique than a patient who has sagging skin due to the natural aging process. Dr. Maurice Khosh, MD, FACS, has vast experience in performing neck lift surgeries that are customized to his patients.

It is common for a neck lift surgery to be combined with a facelift surgery in order to achieve optimal and youthful results. Because the entire face works together to form a person’s facial appearance, it is often necessary to combine procedures to obtain the results that patients desire. Dr. Khosh has the artistry of a plastic surgeon and the skill and knowledge of a physician to provide both aesthetics and technique that create a smoother, more contoured and youthful neckline.

There are different types of neck lift surgery techniques that can be used, and Dr. Khosh will evaluate the facial features of each patient in combination with the results that they are hoping to achieve in order to customize his approach to surgery. If you are unhappy with your neck, chin line, and/or facial appearance, please contact Dr. Maurice Khosh, MD, FACS today. Dr. Khosh is the name to trust in Manhattan.

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