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As you age, the skin on your entire body ages with you. This is an unwanted occurrence for many people, yet it is still unavoidable. The skin on the neck and around the chin often becomes loose and starts to sag for some as early as their late 30s. A loose neck often reduces the prominence of the chin, creating a “turkey neck” or the appearance of a double chin. While this occurrence is a natural part of aging, many people are uncomfortable with these changes and wish to counteract these transformations through neck lift surgery. Neck lift surgery can be used to reduce the excess skin on the neck and creating a more defined appearance for the neck and chin.

Some people are more prone to a sagging neck than others. Genetics play a role in the shape of the face and neck, and it is important to take these into account when choosing the best method for neck lift surgery. Some people have a less defined chin because of an excess amount of fat that causes them to have a double chin or the appearance of a “missing” jaw line. Others do not have enough fat around the jaw line, so the skin of their neck becomes loose. Both an excess of fat and an insufficient amount of fat can be corrected through neck lift surgery.

Neck lift surgery is often combined with other facial cosmetic procedures in order to create the most dramatic results. In fact, it is fairly rare for a patient to only have a neck lift without other procedures done in accompaniment. Chin implant surgery, face lift, and neck liposuction are some of the most common procedures that patients choose to have done to accompany a neck lift procedure.

Dr. Maurice Khosh is an experienced and truly exceptional facial cosmetic surgeon. If you desire to improve your appearance through neck lift surgery, or would like to learn more about combining neck lift surgery with other procedures can help you achieve a more youthful appearance, contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Khosh.

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