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Forehead/Brow Lift

New York NY Forehead/browlift

The aging process takes a toll on every area of the body. From your head to your toes, your body will change with every year. While some people are satisfied to just let the aging process take its course, others want to battle against it. The face is the most telling area of the body that reveals age. While the entire body will eventually succumb to wrinkles and loose skin, the face typically succumbs first. The eyes have been known to be the “window to a person’s soul” because they offer a glimpse into emotions, feelings, and a distinct aura. When the eyes age they tend to take on a sad, tired, and even grumpy appearance. Age and gravity cause the eyebrow to descend, losing its arch, and aging the face. A forehead lift or brow lift procedure is designed to elevate the brow and restore the natural contour of the eyebrow to rejuvenate the eyes and bring back a youthful, rested appearance.

Dr. Maurice Khosh uses a variety of procedures to revitalize the forehead and brow. During your consultation appointment with Dr. Khosh, he will review different options that are ideal for the shape and contour of your upper face. Dr. Khosh is committed to create a beautiful finish with natural looking results. While some people feel that stretching their forehead back as high as possible will give them the most youthful appearance, this is a common mistake. Pulling too far back on any part of the face will cause a very fake and “plastic” look that is undesirable. By simply using an appropriate technique to each individual patient, the natural contour of the eyebrow can be restored – taking years off a person’s appearance.

Dr. Maurice Khosh is Manhattan’s top facial plastic surgeon. Specializing in all areas of the face allows him the specific knowledge and skill for helping patients achieve amazing, beautiful, and natural-looking results. Contact Dr. Khosh today to schedule a consultation for a forehead lift or brow lift and bring back a rejuvenated look to your face.

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