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Chin Implant Surgery

New York NY Plastic Surgeon for Chins

All facial features work together to create a harmonious definition of the face. While many people tend to focus on the nose because it is the center of the face, the ears, cheeks, forehead, and chin all play a role in the overall appearance of a person’s facial structure. The chin is an important feature that defines the shape in the face. It helps to define the jaw area, so that there is visible separation between the face and the neck. Chin implant surgery is performed on both men and women, creating a more appealing profile and a greater sense of confidence.

Chin enhancements are done through a surgical procedure that inserts the chin implant on top of the chin bone, becoming an extension of what structure is there already. Once the implant heals, it will be indistinguishable from the permanent bone in the face. The implant is inserted either inside the mouth or outside under the chin. Placement is determined on an individual basis regarding the patient’s specific needs and desires. A pocket is created in front of the chin bone where the implant is placed under the muscles at the chin. In order to keep the implant securely positioned, the implant will be attached to the bone with sutures or screws.

Chin implant surgery is often combined with other cosmetic facial procedures. Commonly, a nose job is performed at the same time in order to create the most pleasing profile and result. Because a chin implant is done in order to add balance to the appearance of the face, the nose is often taken into consideration because of how much it, too, impacts the profile. A patient is placed under anesthesia for the chin implant, thus it is easy to perform other complimenting procedures at the same time.

Dr. Maurice M. Khosh is an experienced, talented, and well respected facial plastic surgeon who has focused his practice on the facial region exclusively. His dedication to his patients and their results have earned him a renowned reputation as being one of the most trusted plastic surgeons in the United States. If you are interested in having a chin implant procedure, or you wish to schedule a consultation with Dr. Khosh in order to determine your best options for creating the facial appearance you desire, please contact our office today.

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