SMAS Facelift Surgery

There are many different types of facelift and facial rejuvenation surgeries available, with different levels of complexity. One of the more complex and accepted techniques used in facial rejuvenation is the SMAS facelift. SMAS stands for superficial musculoaponeurotic system, the layer of tissue underneath the skin. With a SMAS facelift, not only is the skin tightened and lifted, but the tissue underneath is also moved for a more enhanced facial rejuvenation.

Many people refer to the SMAS facelift as the gold standard of facelifts. It is one of the most popular facelift surgeries available due to its more natural, yet effective, anti-aging properties. Since the tissue under the skin is also moved, there is a deeper lift of the facial features, giving a more pronounced enhancement.

SMAS Facial Rejuvenation

The SMAS facelift is especially effective for individuals that need lifting in the cheeks and neck region. These areas tend to have the heavier sagging that includes the tissue under the skin. Only pulling the skin taut will not have the same effect on these areas that it will on the upper eyelids and forehead. The tissue layer underneath must also be addressed to reduce the "turkey neck" and heavy jowls that can accompany aging.

Dr. Khosh is the cosmetic surgeon you can trust for your facial rejuvenation surgery. He is dual board certified, specializing in facial plastic surgery. To learn more about the SMAS facelift and other cosmetic surgery options to reduce the signs of aging, contact our office today to schedule a private consultation.