Lip Reduction

As with most body features, the lips can be either too thin or too large in the eyes of their owner. While many people seek an augmentation of the lip, there are others that wish for smaller lips. Pronounced lips can overshadow a person's face and even cause some difficulties with speech. Through lip reduction, larger lips can be resized to a more proportionate size for the person's face. A lip reduction can effectively reduce the size of either the bottom, top or both lips.

Lip Resizing

Unlike lip enhancement that involves injections, lip resizing or reduction requires surgery. However, in most cases the surgery is fairly simple and expedient. A portion of the lip is usually removed through an incision inside the lip, then stitched shut to heal. Dr. Khosh will explain what to expect during recovery; however, lip reduction procedures usually only have moderate pain for a few days and can heal quickly as long as patients follow the recovery instructions.

Many times, patients will undergo other procedures with a lip reduction, such as reshaping the lips or other feature changes like a rhinoplasty. Since lip reduction is a quick procedure, it can easily be performed along with other cosmetic surgeries.

Dr. Khosh is an expert at facial plastic surgery. He is dual board certified, specializing and focusing on facial cosmetic procedures, including lip reduction. If you are hoping to reduce the size of your lips, contact our office today for a private consultation.