Meredith G.
Saw Dr. Khosh for a fractured nose. He reset my nose beautifully (and with little discomfort to me) and then discussed some of my sinus issues with me upon my follow up visit. Never felt like he was rushing me out and felt very confident in his abilities. I would highly recommend to anyone needing plastic or reconstructive options!
Jackie C.
Great front office, really good experience after what was a terrible accident. I was made to feel comfortable. Dr. Khosh is very good at what he does. I'm still healing but I'm confident of the results
Kaitlin M.
Dr. Khosh takes exceptional care of his patients. He has operated on me twice, each time making me feel extremely comfortable and satisfied with the results. His staff is also very kind and knowledgeable.
Diana G.
Dr. Khosh & his staff Susan & Christine are absolutely amazing! They were so supportive & helpful from beginning to end & they are just wonderful people. Thank you guys I truly appreciate everything you guys have done for me. I would recommend them to anyone & everyone!
Joann M.
After visiting and being evaluated by several doctors, I kept going back to Dr. Khosh. His tranquil spirit and professionalism were captivating. Thank you for a job well done and keeping me calm throughout the entire process. A special thanks to your staff Susan and Christine for all of their support as well. Hi highly recommend Dr. Khosh.
Leah G.
Upon hearing of the overwhelmingly positive experience a friend of mine had in choosing Dr. Khosh as her surgeon, I decided to make an appointment for my own septoplasty/rhinoplasty/turbinate reduction. Although I was slightly skeptical as the praise I had heard seemed a bit hyperbolic, all uncertainty dissipated after meeting the Doctor and his staff. My pre- and post-operative experience was excellent in terms of concerns adequately addressed prior to the surgery and mitigation of any bruising in the convalescent period. Despite my apparent predisposition to rather slower healing, a year after the surgery, my nose looks really pretty and my breathing entirely unobstructed!
I highly recommend Dr. Khosh!
Courtney G
AMAZING!!!!!! I had Dr Khosh perform lipo on my chin/neck and my result is unbelievable! Better than I could have expected! I met with a couple of surgeons and the second I met with Dr Khosh I knew he was the one I was going with. He was compassionate and explained every detail of what would take place during the surgery and what to expect during recovery. I even emailed a few times during recovery with various questions and he got right back to me asap which was really comforting! I honestly fully recommend Dr Khosh, he did an amazing job and is an amazing person.
Frieda S.
i can finally breathe!! Dr. Khosh made the entire experience a breeze, it was truly a pleasure to be under his care. I am forever thankful and highly recommend him. Not only does his work speak for himself, but he has excellent bedside manner. His kindness and patience is above and beyond. He takes the time to answer to every question you have to help you understand the process while at the same time making you feel so comfortable. From the first consultation i knew i was in good hands. I am so pleased with the result and forever thankful.
Tamara P
Doctor Khosh is an amazing doctor. I have been looking for a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to help me with a keloid that I had on my chest for years. I had gone to several doctors prior and the results were minimal. I even considered laser therapy. I did an internet search for doctors that had proven results in shrinking and/or removing keloids and found Dr. Kosh's reviews on Yelp. At first I was skeptical and a little nervous, but once I actually met with Dr. Khosh, his friendly bedside manor put me at ease. He is such a nice person and his wealth of experience and knowledge is impressive. And yet he is one of the most humble doctors that I have ever met.

The results are phenomenal. It took about 6 months of visits, but I can't even see a keloid any more. Thank you Dr. Khosh. I feel so much more confident now and I am ready for the beach.
5 stars do not do justice in describing Dr. Khosh’s excellence! I came to see Dr. Khosh after breaking my nose. Upon arriving at his beautiful office, I spent little to no time waiting in his waiting room and was seen by Dr. Khosh almost immediately. His compassion and bedside manner were only surpassed by superior surgical ability. I left his office in virtually no pain and by the next day, my nose felt straighter and easier to breathe out of than before I had broken it. I cannot thank Dr. Khosh and his staff enough for their warmth and compassion. If you are looking for a top plastic surgeon, there is no other choice.
Julia P.
Dr. Khosh is excellent and professional! I have been his patient since 2012. His staff is lovely and his office is beautiful. I recommend him without any reservations!
Maria C
I was at Dr Khosh's office for a procedure requiring local anesthesia. Halfway through the procedure, Dr Khosh excused himself to have a little break. He didn't say how long he was going to be, but I expected 10 min, which would have been reasonable. However, he was away for at least 30 min, tending to another consult I believe. I know doctors are busy and are trying to tend to as many patients as they can, but it certainly didn't feel good to lie on his table waiting for so long. However, his assistant Christina was there by my side and she was very nice and made the wait easier.
Right after the procedure, I had trouble paying with my credit card, at his secretary, Susan. To this situation she reacted with mistrust and hostility. In the end she agreed to allow me to leave so that I could have the money transfered to another credit card and return to make the pay. She did this after taking a copy of my credit card, which she then told me it had actually been an illegal thing to do. Within 2 days I managed to pay using the other credit card. I thank them for their wait.
As far as Dr Khosh's bedside manners are concerned, he is indeed very kind and patient. However, my overall experience at his office was unpleasant and I would not wish to return.
Shikha P.
I had/am having a great experience working with Dr. Khosh. I was very nervous when I broke my nose, especially because it's in the center of my face. I appreciated his patience and calm demeanor as he walked me through my options. He did not sugarcoat or misrepresent the potential results. Overall, he made me as comfortable as possible through the process.
Ramon Z.
After suffering from what I thought to be swollen lymph nodes in the neck and the resulting anxiety/pain associated with it, I knew I had to see a good ENT doctor right away. Went to see Dr. Khosh today after reading about him on Google, and boy was I not disappointed at all. He was attentive, friendly, knowledgeable and humble, to the point where he said I can call him by his first name, Maurice. What doctor does this?!

He felt around my neck and assured me it was not lymph nodes, but swollen muslces. He then placed a fiber optic camera (more efficient than sonograms and x rays) down my throat via the nasal passage, with care. He confirmed that I had no infection and no signs of any serious illness - perfectlt normal! Whew! Anxiety gone! And guess what, the swelling has subsided some already. He did say anxiety could worsen the issue, then ordered me back to the gym to relieve this tension.

I would reccommend Dr. Khosh any day of the week to anyone with worries about their neck and throat. Even his office staff are wonderful people! Thank you, Doctor Kosh, for quelling my anxiety with professionalism and thoroughness. God bless!
Jennifer H.
It is very rare to find someone who is incredible at what they do, and also take their time to address anything and everything you have to say. I have seen many doctors in my life and he is the absolute best. This man changed my life so much! So talented, and cares for you on a level that you won't find anywhere else! Thank you Dr. Khosh and your team for taking care of me while I was here. A thank you seems so small for all you have done in my life!
Jun C.
I came in for ear keloids, and through injections/surgery, Dr. Khosh was able to remove my larger keloid and restore me to aesthetic norms with minimal surgical scarring and unelevated keloid remnants (which are unavoidable due to the original keloid size). Dr. Khosh is courteous, honest, kind, professional, and takes pride in his work - qualities that all made it easy for me to place faith in his abilities to take care of my keloids. Christine and Susan are very kind and attentive, and have been patient in dealing with my questions.

I'm currently 2-3 months out of surgery with fingers crossed that the keloid doesn't return, and will update this post as it progresses! You can probably ask the office for pictures of my keloid journey (or others) pre and post-op.
Vasileios P.
I had a wonderful experience at Dr. Khosh's office. I have been suffering from frequent nose bleeds and he fixed the problem in no time. He was extremely professional, pleasant, and personable. He inspires trust and I would recommend him to anybody who might need his services! Kudos!
Rich E.
In June 2016 I had Mohs surgery to eliminate cancer cells from my left inner ear lobe. After the surgeon was done with the surgery she showed my how much cartilage was removed from my earlobe. She advised me that it was too much to suture and I needed reconstruction. She recommended Dr. Khosh. I feel that Dr Khosh's bedside manner both before surgery, during and after was outstanding. He was available to me any time including after hours and he called me several times or texted me. Since he also did a skin graft on my good ear, I had to deal with both ears being in pain at the same time and sleeping was impossible. Dr Khosh was sympathetic to my needs and walked me through the first few weeks. I have now fully recovered with very little scarring on the reconstruction and skin grafts and would recommend Dr. Khosh to anyone needing reconstruction surgery.
Rachel H.
I chose Dr. Khosh to perform my rhinoplasty and I could not be happier with the results! Throughout the entire process Dr. Khosh was present and very involved. He listened to what I wanted and also, very importantly, made sure my breathing was improved through the surgery. Many plastic surgeons performing rhinoplasties ignore the functional aspect and make their patient's breathing worse through surgery in the name of cosmetics. Dr. Khosh however, improved my breathing greatly! Perhaps what made him stand out the most was just how natural he made my nose look. He made a computer rendering before the surgery and the final result was almost identical. People who don't know me very well couldn't believe I had a rhinoplasty done, but my close friends said it brought out my natural beauty. I love how my nose looks now because it doesn't look ""done,"" but instead accentuates me. I used to be very insecure about my nose and now I feel so much more confident. Dr. Khosh is not only a surgeon, he is an artist. Would recommend to anyone!
Jacquelin a.
Dr. Khosh was very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. The waiting time in the office was minimal and he explained everything in detail about the procedure.
Karen W.
Not only does Dr. M. Khosh work speak for itself, but one consultation with him and you will understand why he gets such rave reviews. I wanted to take a moment to thank you Dr. Khosh for taking such great care of me. I knew from the moment I met you over 18 years ago that if anyone was going to operate on me, it would be you. I cannot thank you enough for your care throughout my entire experience at your office. I am beyond pleased with my results and overwhelmed by your patience and kindness. I couldn't have asked for a better surgeon and team to accompany me on my journey towards health & wholeness. As a patient and as a Family Nurse Practitioner you have my highest recommendation for any new patient.
With heartfelt thanks,
Hulk O.
This man saved my life. I'm 25 years old and I've been suffering from keloids since the age of 7. I had my first surgery at 8 years old. For those of you unfamiliar with keloids, there's no guarantee they won't grow back. However, I've had the best results working with Dr. Khosh. Before meeting him, there were times when I felt extremely hopeless and didn't know what to do next after being turned away by several plastic surgeons. I met Dr. Khosh when I was 19 years old and he's worked with me ever since. Dr. Khosh is the best hands down. #Salute #ThankYou
Divya S
Dr. Khosh is a wonderful and knowledgeable physician. He is very friendly and always takes the time to ensure all my questions are answered. When scheduling appointments, he and his staff have been so helpful and accommodating. I have had a very positive experience and would highly recommend Dr. Khosh!
Eric W.
Excellent work, and a really gentle, decent guy. I went in for a somewhat routine (some would say unnecessary) procedure and Dr. Khosh and his staff could not have been nicer. Completely painless procedure and smooth healing process. High marks all around.
Allen Y.
I've known Dr. Khosh for many years. Having referred numerous patients to him, I am always amazed at how much my patients rave about his warm and caring bedside manner and impeccable results. His unparalleled surgical results with his kind and affable demeanor are a unique combination that is rarely found.
christine n.
My rhinoplasty with Dr. Khosh was a wonderful experience. From the first moment I spoke to the doctor, I was sure that he was going to do a fantastic job on my nose. He has a very calm and patient demeanor, which coupled with his obvious expertise, made the decision to have my rhinoplasty with Dr. Khosh, a simple one. He answered all my questions and put my mind at ease. He was kind and reassuring before the surgery and afterwards, very available to address any concerns that I had while I recovered at home. When he removed the bandages, the results were quite pretty from day one and have only gotten better and better in the two and a half months since the surgery. My nose is beautiful and natural-looking. I am thrilled with the results! Dr. Khosh is an extremely talented plastic surgeon and I am thankful that I was referred to him for my surgery. I feel I should also mention that Susan and Cristina, who make up Dr. Khosh’s office staff, are accommodating, caring and a pleasure to deal with! Thank you again, Dr. Khosh, for both your skill and kindness throughout the experience!
l s14
I usually visit Dr.Khosh as a ENT, it is always a pleasure to be greeted by the staff, Susan is always so cheerful and makes the place friendly and welcoming, especially when your not feeling well. Dr.Khosh always has the answers and is very gentle and caring which is needed with any doctor. Love him love the office! 5 stars all around!
Stephen A.
I came to Dr. Khosh because I had experienced difficulty breathing and snoring at night. He was able to come to the conclusion that I had a severely deviated septum, and that surgery would help me immensely. I had surgery on my septum July 14 and one month later I can truly say I feel like a new person. My breathing has never been better and it is all a credit to Dr. Khosh. Prior to surgery, Dr. Khosh and his staff could not have been more accommodating. We had to reschedule our surgery and it could not have gone smother. I highly recommend Dr. Khosh, not only based on his merit and evident body of work, but because he was extremely helpful, thorough, and patient oriented.
Chelsea M.
Dr. Khosh is an incredible doctor and surgeon. From the beginning he was patient, calm, knowledgeable, and kind. He listened to my concerns and addressed each of them, never pressuring me and always making sure I felt comfortable. His bedside manner is compassionate and nurturing and he makes you feel at ease. The results of the surgery were fantastic, and I recommend anyone who wants the best care and results to see Dr. Khosh.
Daniel L.
I went to Dr. Maurice Khosh because I read all the great reviews he had concerning keloids. When I went to his office for a consultation, he looked at what I thought was a keloid on my ear. After further inspection, he came to the conclusion that it wasn't a keloid but a cyst and he took care of it right on the spot. That cyst was bothering me for over a year and he made it disappear in less than 2 minutes. He is a very knowledgeable doctor and made me feel super comfortable during my visit. Thank you Dr. Khosh!
Janis H.
Dr. Khosh is an amazing surgeon. He did a great job telling me exactly what to expect before, during and after my surgery. He is very gentle and kind. I feel like I am in good hands. Plus I had rhinoplasty (nose job) and it looks incredible.

I strongly recommend him.
Liann W.
I saw Dr. Khosh for a bilateral earlobe repair procedure. From start to finish, I had a very seamless experience - the doctor and his staff made sure I was well-informed and comfortable through the whole process. The procedure was quick, painless and without any complications. The ears are healing quickly. I cannot express my gratitude to the doctor and I highly recommend him to anyone.
Jack B.
Fantastic experience from start to finish. I had a septoplasty and turbinectomy done to fix my deviated septum and breathing problems. The procedure and recovery went perfectly, and the doctor and his employees were very friendly and helpful throughout the whole process. If you have this problem you should definitely use Dr. Khosh.
James D.
Dr. Khosh an his team are excellent. The entire experience was first rate. I highly recommend Dr. Khosh!
I underwent revisionary septoplasty with Dr. Khosh back in December of 2014 and I could not be happier with the results. I made the mistake of going to someone less than qualified in comparison do Dr. Khosh and I suffered. My septum was still grossly crooked before revisionary surgery with Dr. Khosh and now it is essentially perfect. Granted I still have some breathing issues, but that is attributable to my allergies--it is important to realize you probably won't breath perfectly after all is said and done.

I would highly recommend Dr. Khosh to anyone looking for nasal surgery as he is kind, reassuring, and excellent at what he does. His staff is also wonderful! Thank you Susan and Christina!
Kal N.
I took my daughter to visit Dr. Khosh for a face check up. From the moment we called the office for an appointment to the moment we walked in to the office we knew we will be in good hands. The office Manager Ms. Suzan did receive us in a professional manner, she was so helpful. Dr. Khosh did comprehensive exam on my daughter's face with a nice smile that gave my daughter so much comfort. He answered all our questions and gave us all time we needed. A friend of us recommended Dr. Khosh to us and she was %100 correct. He is a great Dr. and we will be back to see him soon.
Rosemarie B.
I am not one for writing reviews, however, this had to be said and is definitely worth my time. After making several call to different doctors and putting down the phone amazed how rude the front desk can be, my search stopped when I called Dr. Khosh office. The front desk had the right manner for me to go further, Dr. Khosh have a warm bedside manner, soft spoken, caring professional and experienced. After decades of going to several different doctors regarding my keloid, Dr. Khosh understood my issues and offered great advise and treatment, I am so happy I found Dr. Khosh. My search has stopped, I found gold! My experience here is 5 stars. The best Dr. in NY in his field and the best team! Don't just go...Run...
Max A.
I had breathing problems for more than 4 years, basically sneezing a lot, stuffy nose in horizontal position and awful sleeping, and finally found the doctor who can help me with it. Dr. Khosh made surgery (turbinates reduction) super easy and fast, I came home same day. No pain at all even after surgery. And one week after surgery I was breathing almost perfectly! It is such a great feeling to breath through nose as regular people! No more stuffy nose, mouth breathing, bad sleeping and snoring! He is also have super friendly personal at his office.
Nili S.
Dr. Khosh is an amazing surgeon - he is extremely talented and a wonderful and caring person. He did a gorgeous job on reconstructing my daughter's nose. She had been born with a massive facial hemangioma which significantly deformed her nose. Her vascular birthmark's surgeon recommended Dr. Khosh to fix her nose, and we are just thrilled with the results. Her nose looks so natural, straight, and symmetrical, which is so hard to believe because her face was so disfigured. From our first consultation to our post-surgical follow-up appointments, Dr. Khosh has been so kind, warm, and caring. He made sure to discuss our specific expectations to make sure that we were realistic about the outcome. His work so far exceeded what we had hoped for, and now my daughter has the nicest nose in our whole family! Besides his obvious surgical talents, I am so impressed with him as a person, and his entire staff is just wonderful. They are so accommodating, and thought nothing of staying 2 hours late when we were stuck in traffic for an appointment with him. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Khosh and his staff. He performed nothing short of a miracle in reconstructing my daughter's nose, and I am very grateful to have found him.
Victor P.
I had a ear keloid for many years i did a lot resources on many doctors i was lucky to found dr. khosh and immediately he make me feel safe in his hands and i couldn't be happier with my results hi have a wonderful and friendly staff beside his miracle wonderful hands after all my resources i definely did the right choice and i highly recommended him to every one hi would definely put a smile in you face after you see you results.
Mirjete M
Dr. Khosh is an amazing doctor. He is genuine, caring, and kind hearted. I had work done recently on my deviated spectrum due to being a premature baby. My surgery was a success and thanks to him, I can finally breathe better and gotten the results I always dreamed of. I don't think anyone else but Dr. Khosh could have fixed my nose and I am forever grateful to him and his staff. I highly recommend him, I promise, you will be far from disappointed.
Katherine A.
Dr. Khosh fixed my deviated septum which was causing me MAJOR breathing problems. I was scared of being overly swollen and blue like the people i've seen BUT that was NOT the case with my surgery. I had very very minor swelling the first day only but I wasnt bruised at all. The minor swelling was gone quickly. Overall, I am extremely happy I picked Dr.Khosh to do my surgery. He made me feel more at ease about my surgery and the results were absolutely amazing. I feel brand new! He was available to address all my concerns and questions before and after surgery. I could have not picked a better surgeon I had a great experience with him as well as great results I can breathe like a normal person now.

I highly recommend Dr.Khosh!
Kimberly J.
Had issues with an reoccurring keloid, after 2 failed surgeries, found Dr. Khosh, third time was a charm, Been almost 6 months ... So far so good .. Would highly recommend him, if you are having the same issue I had...:)
Isaiah L.
Dr. Khosh is a sensational surgeon. I'm 17 and I had a mole located on the corner of my mouth that had been killing my confidence for most of my life. The job he did removing it was absolutely phenomenal. My biggest fear going into the surgery was the risk of scarring on my lips. But there was no trace of a scar and my lips are now perfectly symmetrical. I will forever be thankful to Dr. Khosh and highly recommend him.
Jimmy P.
I visited Dr. Khosh to help me treat my ear that I injured in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I had some swelling and fluid in the cartilage/lobe area that I did not want to turn into cauliflower ear. He was able to treat it and it is healing nicely. I wanted to go to someone who had treated it before and was difficult to figure out if I should go to a plastic surgeon or ENT.

He was not only experienced in this issue, but understood the different types of procedures to treat depending on the severity of the injury. He spent a lot of time with me about the condition, his decision on how to treat and his office was very clean.
Suzy P.
Z and I went to Dr. Khosh for Z's breathing issues. Dr. Khosh repaired Z's perforated septum. Dr. Khosh is extremely personable. He's a nice man, and he put us at ease. He explained things in a way that was very understandable. He was extremely thorough in his examinations-- pre-op and post-op. After the surgery he saw Z for at least 10 follow-up appointments. Right after Z's release from the hospital, Dr. Khosh was in touch by phone when we really needed him. Dr. Khosh was also very respectful of Z's companion (me!). We thought Dr. Khosh was GREAT and would recommend him to anyone looking for an ENT.
Amit G.
Amazing friendly doctor ...
I sustained massive head and facial trauma in a Lake Placid winter sports accident almost one year ago and have waited way too long since then to sing the praises of Dr. Maurice Khosh, who performed an absolutely phenomenal 5-hour reconstructive surgery to repair six facial fractures including a tri-orbital fracture around my left eye. I was virtually unrecognizable from the injuries sustained when a sudden bout of vertigo precipitated a temporary loss of consciousness and a high-speed crash to the ice while skating.
The structural damage/collapse and nerve impingement were so extreme...and the medical/surgical opinions offered upstate so discouraging that I opted to follow the recommendations, provided by several trusted health professionals in NYC, to seek consultation and treatment from Dr. Khosh.
My wife and I visited Dr. Khosh following the painful 6 hour ride to NYC and felt a great deal of relief during our initial consultation. Dr. Khosh, after reassuring us of repair and relief in the face of great challenge, much in the manner of a professional athlete expecting nothing other than victory, performed the ensuing surgery with the skill of a Swiss watchmaker.
The surgery was more successful than we ever thought possible. The swelling, facial nerve damage and loss of feeling improved significantly over the course of several much, in fact, that I appear, ""for better or for worse"" as my wife jokingly comments, ""back to normal"".
Thank you, Dr. Khosh, for sharing your encouraging bedside manner, your reassuring sense of humor, your passion for your practice, and your most blessed medical talents in my time of need. You're the best!!...................Tom B.
Soft Spoken Patient Attentive Good listener, he doesn't sugar coat things. I would Say he's truthful. Very thorough. I will be seeing him soon.
Be sure to save your receipt if your co-pay was with cash. I paid cash. I did not save my receipt.
After I received a bill I wrote to Dr. Khosh's secretary and explained, but this did no good. I was billed continually until I paid again. To protect my credit rating I had no choice.
I've used Dr. Khosh's services for two procedures, resetting a broken nose in 2008 and draining and splinting a would-be cauliflower ear in 2012. In both cases the results were fantastic, taking facial injuries that were highly noticeable and making them completely unnoticeable. For the ear splint, he used a customized procedure involving manually shaping plastic to compress and prevent recurrent hematoma, which I've heard anecdotally is different (and more work) than what most docs would do, but also much more effective. He was very professional but also very engaging, and in the multiple visits was fully aware of my case history before he stepped into the room. I've referred him to one of my sparring partners who also had a good experience. Dr. Khosh's staff was friendly and competent, and provided me with a full receipt (payment and documentation suitable for FSA reimbursement) each time without being asked. Overall one of the best medical experiences I've had.
Dr. Khosh removed a bone growth on the center of my forehead about an inch above my eye-line that I learned to be called an osteoma.

Before seeing Dr. Khosh I met with my family doctor and two other head & neck specialists who's opinions ranged from uncertainty to a simple, ""If you don't touch it, it won't grow."" All of them put so much weight on any surgery to remove the tumor that I eventually tried to shrug it off myself and get used to it. After a couple of years I noticed that it was continuing to grow. That combined with a receding hair line got me motivated to try again.

I met with Dr. Khosh before my surgery and was extremely optimistic about the fact that he was both a cosmetic surgeon and a head & neck specialist. He put me at ease about the whole situation and made me feel comfortable about removing it. His confidence was a shock after I had met with doctors that were very unhelpful.

I got my stitches out today and am very happy with the results. There is no sign of a tumor and, though I am no expert, my stitches and the incision seem to be healing perfectly. The fact that he is a cosmetic surgeon gave me confidence that I wasn't just trading an annoying bump for an annoying scar.

After seeing this thing everyday for two years, I am very happy to have it gone. Best part, I get to cut my hair short again. I defiantly recommend Dr. Khosh and would return happily.
Maurice Khosh is really a wonderful Doctor. I had my Deviated Septum fixed as well as a Rhinoplasty. I saw a few doctors before meeting Dr. Khosh and once I met him I quickly felt comfortable with the idea of a nose job which really made me nervous and scared me. But hes very knowledgeable and has lots of experience. His work is just beautiful and seeing his work online helped me make my decision to choose him as my doctor. I am now 6 months post op and I love love love my new nose and most importantly I can breath! I feel like this is the nose I should have been born with. Thank you very much Dr. Khosh. I definitely recommend him for Septoplasty, Rhinoplasty or even just ENT, he genuinely cares for his patients and knows what hes doing.
Salome K.