Patient Testimonials

I underwent revisionary septoplasty with Dr. Khosh back in December of 2014 and I could not be happier with the results. I made the mistake of going to someone less than qualified in comparison do Dr. Khosh and I suffered. My septum was still grossly crooked before revisionary surgery with Dr. Khosh and now it is essentially perfect. Granted I still have some breathing issues, but that is attributable to my allergies--it is important to realize you probably won't breath perfectly after all is said and done.I would highly recommend Dr. Khosh to anyone looking for nasal surgery as he is kind, reassuring, and excellent at what he does. His staff is also wonderful! Thank you Susan and Christina!


I've had a positive experience with Dr. Khosh. I first went to see him last February needing a second opinion on whether I should proceed with sinus surgery, which had me feeling apprehensive. He reviewed my records from the initial doctor, and of course, performed his own examination. He reassured me surgery was the right thing to do given my condition, thus putting my mind at ease.Three things stand out about his practice: first and foremost, he is patient and knowledgable and combines these attributes with a calm persona. He listens attentively to questions, and responds with thorough answers, avoiding technical jargon. I never felt rushed, hurried or belittled by my questions. Answers are direct and to the point; second, his staff is prompt and courteous; and third, I like that the atmosphere is relaxed and low-key -- unlike so many rush-rush medical offices.

Gary Sparago

I recently had surgery with Dr. Kosh, I could not be more happy with him, he spoke to me before my surgery which put me at ease. I had no pain during my recovery. He called me the day after surgery to make sure everything was ok. He fixed everything!!My breathing is great now. He is very knowledgeable and has great bedside manner. Highly recommended!!

Sandy Yaghoubian

I saw Dr. Khosh for a bilateral earlobe repair procedure. From start to finish, I had a very seamless experience - the doctor and his staff made sure I was well-informed and comfortable through the whole process. The procedure was quick, painless and without any complications. The ears are healing quickly. I cannot express my gratitude to the doctor and I highly recommend him to anyone.

Li Wu

I had breathing problems for more than 4 years, basically sneezing a lot, stuffy nose in horizontal position and awful sleeping, and finally found the doctor who can help me with it. Dr. Khosh made surgery (turbinates reduction) super easy and fast, I came home same day. No pain at all even after surgery. And one week after surgery I was breathing almost perfectly! It is such a great feeling to breath through nose as regular people! No more stuffy nose, mouth breathing, bad sleeping and snoring! He is also have super friendly personal at his office.

Max An

Dr. Khosh is an amazing doctor. He is genuine, caring, and kind hearted. I had work done recently on my deviated spectrum due to being a premature baby. My surgery was a success and thanks to him, I can finally breathe better and gotten the results I always dreamed of. I don't think anyone else but Dr. Khosh could have fixed my nose and I am forever grateful to him and his staff. I highly recommend him, I promise, you will be far from disappointed.

Mirjete M

Dr. Khosh fixed my deviated septum which was causing me MAJOR breathing problems. I was scared of being overly swollen and blue like the people i've seen BUT that was NOT the case with my surgery. I had very very minor swelling the first day only but I wasnt bruised at all. The minor swelling was gone quickly. Overall, I am extremely happy I picked Dr.Khosh to do my surgery. He made me feel more at ease about my surgery and the results were absolutely amazing. I feel brand new! He was available to address all my concerns and questions before and after surgery. I could have not picked a better surgeon I had a great experience with him as well as great results I can breathe like a normal person now.I highly recommend Dr.Khosh!

Alvarado K.

I took my daughter to visit Dr. Khosh for a face check up. From the moment we called the office for an appointment to the moment we walked in to the office we knew we will be in good hands. The office Manager Ms. Suzan did receive us in a professional manner, she was so helpful. Dr. Khosh did comprehensive exam on my daughter's face with a nice smile that gave my daughter so much comfort. He answered all our questions and gave us all time we needed. A friend of us recommended Dr. Khosh to us and she was %100 correct. He is a great Dr. and we will be back to see him soon.

Kal Naim

I visited Dr. Khosh to help me treat my ear that I injured in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I had some swelling and fluid in the cartilage/lobe area that I did not want to turn into cauliflower ear. He was able to treat it and it is healing nicely. I wanted to go to someone who had treated it before and was difficult to figure out if I should go to a plastic surgeon or ENT. He was not only experienced in this issue, but understood the different types of procedures to treat depending on the severity of the injury. He spent a lot of time with me about the condition, his decision on how to treat and his office was very clean.

Jimmy Park

Dr. Khosh is a sensational surgeon. I'm 17 and I had a mole located on the corner of my mouth that had been killing my confidence for most of my life. The job he did removing it was absolutely phenomenal. My biggest fear going into the surgery was the risk of scarring on my lips. But there was no trace of a scar and my lips are now perfectly symmetrical. I will forever be thankful to Dr. Khosh and highly recommend him.

Isaiah Lofton