Lip Dermal Fat Grafting

One of the most natural and lasting ways to enhance the fullness of your lips is through dermal fat grafting. Using fat harvested or transferred from your abdomen or hips, your lips can be made full and luscious. Unlike temporary fillers that enhance the lips for only a few months, fat grafting can last for years and can create a perfectly plump pucker.

Many people desire fuller lips, especially as they grow older. Just like other areas of the face, lips begin to lose fat and fullness as a person ages. Lips can become thinner, flatter and begin to wrinkle as they shrink with age. A dermal fat graft replaces the lost volume, plumping lips to a youthful, sexy fullness.

Lip Fat Injections

Dr. Khosh offers advanced lip dermal fat grafting or lip fat injections using the most proven methods. To ensure that the fat grafting is effective, it is important to properly harvest the fat before it is injected into the lips. As a dual board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Khosh only uses the most effective techniques available to ensure that his fat grafting procedures create long-lasting results.

To learn more about lip dermal fat grafting for fuller, beautiful lips, contact the office of Dr. Khosh to schedule your private consultation. Dr. Khosh allows offers a variety of other lip enhancement procedures that may meet your needs.