New York Facial Skin Laceration Repair

The facial skin is very delicate and can easily scar from cuts or lacerations. Although any emergency room can repair a laceration to the face with stitches or other techniques, reducing scar tissues is rarely a concern. The result of a quickly treated facial skin laceration can be a lasting scar that can alter the appearance of the patient, resulting in much deeper emotional scars.

Facial skin laceration repair can be performed to reduce scarring, leaving the skin smooth and without noticeable repercussions. Dr. Khosh is an experienced board-certified facial plastic surgeon that can perform laceration repair and other facial reconstruction on the facial skin with specialized techniques to reduce scarring and disfiguration. Not only will the laceration be treated, it will be carefully closed to allow for the best level of healing.

Emergency Skin Laceration Repair

The first response when a facial laceration or cut occurs is to go to an emergency room. However, if the cut is not life threatening or can be temporary treated at home, emergency facial laceration repair can be scheduled. In most cases this needs to occur within 24-hours for the best results. It is much easier for Dr. Khosh to reduce the signs of scarring if he is able to repair the laceration, versus trying to undo the damage caused by a quick repair in the emergency room. However, if it is necessary to have a repair performed at the hospital in an emergency situation, call Dr. Khosh's office as soon as possible after the accident to schedule a consultation to evaluate the laceration.

If you or your child sustains a facial laceration, contact our office today to schedule an emergency facial skin laceration repair. Dr. Khosh and his team will do their best to accommodate an emergency situation into their schedule.

Case Study

31 year old man requested rsuffered a laceration to his right upper ear (auricle). This skin injury resulted in exposure of the ear cartilage and a through and through laceration that involved the front and the back of his ear. Complex repair of this laceration was performed on emergency basis in the office, under local anesthesia.

  • Patient: 31 year old man with laceration cut injury to his ear in New York.
  • Problem: Complex laceration of the upper ear with exposed cartilage .
  • Procedure: Complex repair of torn ear .

*Disclaimer: These Are Actual Results For Patients Of Dr. Maurice Khosh. Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Results Can Vary Between Patients.