Face and Neck Cosmetic Surgery

The shape and structure of your face define you unique look as a person. Although you can change makeup, hairstyle and many other factors to enhance your appearance on a daily basis, your face still stays the same underneath all these changes. For many, this basic shape is less than ideal by their own standards, reflecting on their self-esteem. Face and neck cosmetic surgery can help change the form of the most important part of your body presented to the world.

There are several cosmetic procedures that can change the shape of your chin, cheeks and even the appearance of your neck. By adding or removing tissue, the lines of your face and neck can be redefined, giving you the look you desire. Dr. Maurice Khosh, a dual board certified facial plastic surgeon, is an expert at facial transformation surgery, including the following procedures:

Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Whether you want to enhance the facial structure you were born with or need to repair damage from an injury or illness, facial cosmetic surgery can be the solution. Liposuction or skin removal from the face or neck can help define and tighten your facial features, while fat or other implants can change the shape of your face. From adding a stronger chin or jaw line to reducing fat and skin on the neck area, there are many options available to improve your self-image.

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