Cheek Augmentation Surgery

The cheek region of the face can change with age, transforming a rounded, youthful face as gravity and fat loss occur. This can create a face that looks tired, aged and dramatically different than that of a person's youth. Cheek augmentation surgery or other cosmetic face and neck procedures can be used to fill in cheek tissue that is lost under the eye, restoring a youthful, rested appearance.

As you age, fat loss in the facial region is common. This fat loss combined with the effects of gravity can remove the soft cheek curve directly under the eye that most people have in their youth. In some cases, the cheek can drop, revealing the top orbital bone beneath the eye and create a "double-bubble" effect. The orbital bone and the descended cheek tissue make two lumps, typically seen in older adults. With cheek augmentation or enhancement surgery, this deformity of the face can be corrected.

Cheek Enhancement Procedures

There are two main options for cheek enhancement procedures that can be performed under the skilled hands of Dr. Khosh. The first is facial filler injections, used for subtle changes in the cheek region. This is usually used when the cheek loss is minimal and less pronounced in the early stages. The second is a cheek implant, which can fill the area where the youthful cheek once was, creating a softer, more energetic appearance.

Dr. Khosh is an experienced facial plastic surgeon, with dual board certifications and an excellent reputation in the medical community. If you are considering cheek enhancement, meet with a cosmetic surgeon you can trust. Contact us today to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Khosh at is Manhattan office.