Kylie Jenner Challenge Big Lips at Little Cost?

Kylie Jenner has garnered lots of attention following her lip augmentation with an injectible filler. Although lip augmentation with fillers is nothing new, the sexy and natural appearance of Kylie’s lips has captured the attention of celebrity watchers.  Many young women who view Kylie Jenner as a role model, may not be able to afford the cost of lip augmentation with a filler. Some have opted for an unconventional method of lip augmentation by sucking into a cup (the Kylie Jenner Challenge) and engorging their lip with blood. This fad is unlikely to last and has made for some interesting posts on social medial sites. Having seen many of the pictures online, frankly the results are not far from many unskillfully preformed lip injections.  Examples that come to mind include Donatella Versace and Jocelyn Wildenstein. The most common mistake in lip augmentation is over inflation of the upper lip. The upper lip needs to be smaller than the lower lip, otherwise, patients can look unnatural with the “Daffy Duck” lips.

The question is: Can the Kylie Jenner Challenge be dangerous for the lips? It is quite unlikely that sucking into a cup could leave lasting damage to the lips, unless excess swelling causes obstruction of the veins that drain the lips. So as long as reasonable judgement is used, the Kylie Jenner Challenge is likely to be an innocuous little fad.