Belotero Facial Filler

Belotero is an injectable dermal filler that is used to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles due to the aging process. Belotero is one of the many injectables & dermal fillers available, but is considered one of the safer options since the active ingredient is a natural component in the skin. This hyaluronic acid-base filler has been approved by the FDA for reducing lines and wrinkles.

The way that Belotero works to fill in or reduce lines and wrinkles is by attracting water to the areas that are injected. This plumps up the skin, diminishing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. In most case the results are immediately visible, with more noticeable results over the next few days following the injections. Belotero is used on areas on the face that are prone to fine lines and wrinkles, including around the eyes, lips and forehead.

Belotero Injections

Dr. Khosh offers Belotero injections at his Manhattan office, along with several other types of injectable cosmetics. During a private consultation, he can discuss the benefits of using Beletero injections to smooth lines and wrinkles in your skin and other options to improve your appearance. Often patients will benefit from using a filler along with a neuro-modulator like Botox or Dysport to have a more dramatic impact on reducing the signs of aging.

To learn more about Belotero and other cosmetic injections and procedures available through Dr. Khosh, contact our office today to schedule your consultation appointment.