Balloon Sinus Surgery

For many years, the only options available for those with severe sinusitis were medication or sinus surgery. A newer technique called balloon dilation sinuplasty or balloon sinus surgery is a viable sinus and breathing enhancement treatment for those who suffer from chronic sinus problems and infections that do not respond to medications. In many cases, this procedure can cure the cause of severe sinus problems with a quick, outpatient procedure.

Balloon sinus surgery is performed by inserting balloons into the sinus passages, using the inflation of these balloons to open and reform the sinus pathways. This can give relief, offering easier drainage for those whose sinus pathways have become closed or blocked. Once drainage is improved, many sufferers of severe sinusitis and infections are free of sinus problems, without the need for invasive surgery.

Quick Sinus Surgery Recovery

Balloon sinus surgery is quickly becoming the preferred method of treating sinusitis as it is less invasive and has a quick recovery time. Dr. Khosh can perform this procedure within his office, using only local anesthesia. Most patients are recovered within 1-2 days, with minimal downtime compared to traditional or endoscopic sinus surgery.

To learn more about balloon sinus surgery and find out if it is the right option for you, contact Dr. Khosh to schedule a consultation. It may be the cure for your sinus problems that you have been waiting for.

Related Procedures

Septoplasty is commonly performed simultaneously with sinus surgery. A deviated septum can cause nasal obstruction or sinus drainage pathway blockage. Cosmetic rhinoplasty or nasal fracture repair can be safely combined with sinus surgery.